Harmon says PPP assures and promotes lifelong insecurities

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Today marks the 183rd anniversary of Emancipation from slavery.

On this day, let us reflect on the heroism, inspired courage, resilience and the indomitable will of our foreparents, who fought against the world’s worst recorded evil acts, perpetuated on a people for centuries.

It should be recognised, that our ancestors suffered the greatest indignities ever meted out to any set of human beings, but despite that, they never lost their desire to be free, their desire to be agents of their own cause and controllers of their destiny.

This emancipation we celebrate here today is the end product of a people who stood resolute in their fight against the dehumanizing treatment and oppression of slavery and colonialism, for their God given right to be free; for freedom,  justice and human rights.


In Guyana, it was the boldness and fortitude of our national hero Cuffy, who led thousands in a revolt for freedom, that illuminated and laid the path we now endeavour and continue to trod for the attainment of total freedom.
Their collective fight for Emancipation laid the foundation for political, economic and social change, that transformed the plantation to a nation.

Today, we live in a country under an installed regime, that assures and promotes lifelong insecurities for the majority of our people. Their open oppression goes beyond discrimination, racism, injustices and economic marginalization.

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