To the well King Jackassery was led, invited to partake in the fountain of vaccination knowledge, but he disdainfully spurned. For this fountain of knowledge is WHO tried and tested, rehabilitative of unapproved, but unapproved remained his addiction. Thus incentivised vaccination was delivered, in favoured cup of red, but that too was vociferously rebuked. And duly apprised of his anencephalic […]

For ICU was built as the endmost buttress in this Battle of Covid Cynoscephalae, wherefore defeat translates cinis in cinerem pulvis ad pulvis. Thus, of such cataclysmic forewarning, forward thinking leaders cognisant of defeat finality have unhesitatingly invested in healthcare, to boost the citizenry chances. But ours is the Covid Clueless, of only reverse gears and goons, who live as […]

And this analogy we must explore, since germane it’s, in psychoanalysing a group who’s as stubborn as donkeys. For this our starting point, a route clear as Russian vodka, of no hairpin turns or insurmountable hills. In fact, this your destination, the daycare pickup is usually your wife’s, but today it’s yours. Thus with verbal routing, predating GPS, the destination […]

And this pandemic, of mortalities and morbidities, has certainly brought to the fore the nefarious political vultures, who prey on the vulnerable. For what we saw and heard was disquieting to say the least, watching them reduced human life to political footstools, being most distressing. Lewd Showman For it was billed the mother of all elections, so it was inevitable […]

In this information age where our every action and word is reproducible decades thereafter, imperative it’s that those holding Public Offices be judicious in word and action, which in many cases may necessitate a realignment of both comportment and deportment. Even more importantly, is the awareness of personality types, which arguably should be a part of the skill set of […]

Of democracy they speaketh but knoweth not, nonetheless vociferously they assert fractured democracy from 1964-1992. But of their undemocratic acts, myopic lenses they prescribed, with tongues conveniently muted for 2020-2021, 1997 and 23 murderous years. Thus of their silence we will explore and expose, through comparative Covid vaccination attitudes of America, Britain and Guyana. Trump’s America And of 45 we […]

And even with multitudinous assessments, conclusions will concur that being of hyperventilation and racehorse pulse, she must be anxious. For a telephonic interface it was, emergency services operator engaged but her being with distressing symptomatology meant operator’s minutes were required to restore physiological normalcy. Then, with restoration of tranquility and talking, the predictable mundane it was, “How can I help?” […]

Admittedly, in Covid’s world our eyes are blinded by multitudinous data, but foremost it’s that critical eyes and thoughts are employed, disentangling the inconsequential with concentrated cognition on the consequential. How many died? How they died? Were these preventable deaths? Indeed Covid-19, August visitations were provided- 3025, with geographic breakdown, key to policymaking, counted Region-4 as our Covid-19 red-zone. But […]

The semantics of square peg in round hole, like most such cliches, has had an evolutionary journey. In fact, it’s etymology dates back to the 18th century English writer Sydney Smith, whose construct referenced the unusual individualist, unable to fit into a societal niche. However, with the passing of time, it’s semantics has transitioned political, epitomising the cluelessly incompetent politician. […]

And with violent disrespect, the Covid Clueless and Commercial Changelings, desecrated our basic human rights, with their dehumanising decrees. From this day henceforth, no one shall enter GPHC for medical care or visitation, unless with PPP vaccines or of terminal Cheyne-Stokes breathing. From this day henceforth, operators of private transport shan’t enter the aforementioned vehicles for the purposes of business, […]

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