For this we know, the pre-adulthood remains a consequential, foundational and irreplaceable phase, in a child’s formative development. As a result, critical it’s that children are afforded, uninterrupted and diverse learning experiences to foster cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Thus, vital it’s that policy makers remain steadfastly cognisant of the far-reaching nature of these developmental milestones, and their concomitant […]

Once you’ve lived it, the excruciating memories become pervasive, omnipresent like a dark shadow. And when the memories are birthed of uncaring hands, the perennial question of why, remains inconsolably unresolved. Thus, unending sorrow and rumination they transitioned, with a solitary escape in altruistic channelling, that none other is ever burdened. For 38yrs we’ve counted, whence us knee high to […]

For this the painful reality, PPP Healthcare is like a devilish casino, of which Russian Roulette is the gamble, and a body bag your transporting exit. Thence the cruel truth, aware they are that 23 years delivered innumerable avoidable deaths, but unbothered are they, for their healthcare is delivered in foreign lands. Thus, as they experience the creme de la […]

Thereunder, two dichotomous statements, separated by one week, is presented for the purpose of comparative analysis. Firstly “Guyanese remain in the dark about the dangers of kidney diseases”- Dr. Areefa Alladin, Chairwoman of Kidney Foundation Guyana. Then “…we’ve staff trained in terms of brain dead support services and we are working with the Ministry of Health to develop a strategy […]

Most certainly, an out of body experience, for outlandish a dream it was, agonisingly perplexing beyond words. For this the plot, Dr. Frank Anthony sermonising a crowd of red, reassuring all and many, that the WHO has appraised to praise, PPP Covid-19 management. But as it were, the dream had a clandestine breached, positioning the nemesis amongst the devoted. Thus, […]

The image epitomises a cretin in evacuative posture, a clueless Priya Manickchand frontally squatted, abutting a 21+ months education denied child. For obvious it’s to all, the feral blaster coat was hastily shedded, in masquerading a creature of empathy, compassion and sensitivity. But the school disengaged child’s comportment belies her posturing, with clear recollection that strip-clubs were reopened long before […]

With the masses PTSD burdened, consequence of PPP psychological traumas, PNC leaders should’ve been more considered, in their choices of words and deeds. For of these psychological traumas, the Leaders needed no reminders, having seen us living and dying with the ever present Covid-19, exacerbated by PPP incompetent, catastrophic and uncaring policies. Even of the bleak futures awaiting tens of […]

For the lyrics they blindly repeat, are the lyrics I studiously appraised, searching for that message unheard. But of Drake’s “Started from the bottom,” appraisal was brief, for easily relatable it was. For relate I could to abject childhood poverty, with nights of prayerful nonexistent dinner. For relate I could, to being that orphan, having experiences that shouldn’t have been […]

Increasingly disillusioned are we, burdened by their unconscionable manoeuvres, fuelling this our conviction, that Thomas Hobbes was right. For in language painfully unambiguous, he articulated what we knew, but not courageous to confront, “Man’s desire knows no bounds. Man will never and can never be satisfied. Man’s existence is defined by his greed” For the imagery reflects luxury, Hollywood type […]

And this, a most germane cliche, comparing sportspersons of disparate eras, for multitudinous reasons, is fraught with danger. In fact, such a cliche, hypothesis if you may, whilst testable in an objective assessment, is likely to be of dissimilar variables. Of which, such variables may include, but not limited to, varying opponents’ quality, inconsistent governing rules, technological advances of the […]

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