Lest we forget, Covid is aerosol driven for which, what’s plateaued can transitioned exponentially with a solitary concentrated delta variant cough, evident in the infinitely long list of plateaued premature celebrants. Indeed, America celebrated by the millions, as masks were unmasked, for hospitalisations and deaths enjoyed a southward trajectory. And with celebrations, a pensive Dr. Fauci was forced to restate […]

From a tender age, Christianity was inculcated into my incorporeal being, starting and evolving through childhood to adulthood. And through this pilgrimage, two evolutionary facets were salient; My religiosity transitioned spiritual faith to biblical inquisition. The selfless narrative of Christ becoming my paradigm against which leadership is judged. A Mayor. A bigot  And this’s apposite for a friend who craved […]

There must be a rationale underpinning the WHO recommendation that medicine evaluation be both apolitical and autonomous. Indeed, such a rationale is self-evident but if clarity of reasoning is opaque, a reminder is reposed in Trump’s attempts at intermeddling with America’s Covid vaccines evaluation. In fact, a repetition of Trump’s medicine evaluation trespassing wasn’t envisaged to be in our lifetime, […]

The epitome of longevity, viruses have hurdled the hurdles in surviving millions of years during which, many have come and gone. Notwithstanding, these viruses are merely proteins, nevertheless conquered they have the valour of sophisticated personage, wherefore the apneic overawed forever query, how have they done it? But such an answer resides in Darwinism. Humans vs Viruses  Admittedly, in this ever […]

Likely, I was south of 8yrs on this Christmas Day for which gift was a Casio watch. And excitable, I queried of my mom, which hand? Astutely, her response was left, before awaiting the inevitable question. And sure it was, why? Then bemusedly she responded, because everyone does. So on my right it went. The birth of a nonconformist. Then […]

Predictably, it happens every year. Christmas fruitcake ingredients in the amalgamation bowl as Egyptian arithmetic is mentally computed. A dozen eggs the deficit for which, they should be seen but not heard, being instructed to deliver the impossible. EGGS. The undertaking better suited for an undertaker, was to procure with monetary offerings, the hens’ laying. But this was easier instructed […]

Pervasive is Covid. No continent exempted. No dame absolved. No lord excluded. No Duchess spared. For it fills the air. Of which we must breathe. And with handmaids afflicted. Thou shalt not celebrate. For death at your nostrils. Wherefore, a minuscule inhaled Covid. May taketh your breath away. Covid in Trinidad Trinidad’s population of 1.5M, not unlike the rest of […]

And this is my perennial disquietude, who or what can perform a deep-sea political salvage of PPP? For this demise doesn’t warrant a post-mortem, for astute minds can differentiate causation from association. Notwithstanding, admission is mine that many explanatory hypotheses have been resident idle in my grey-matter. But rumination, not cattle related, did refocus my intellect to a Pradoville associated […]

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