One of the big complaints about the management capacity of former president David Granger has to do with his handling of APNU+AFC coalition relations. It is my contention that Guyana is in transition from a state where because of its numerical strength, one ethnic group could win political power, to a multi-ethnic society in which there are a few but […]

Disabuse yourself of the popular myth which suggests that Africans accepted their subjugation without a fight or offered little or no resistance. From their capture to non-arrival, arrival on the plantation and during slavery, there was the constant manifestation of the quest to assert their human dignity. Despite their captors being equipped with unrivaled military, economic and political might, the […]

Today we observe another Emancipation anniversary. Here we are, 183 years since the end of chattel slaver, still reflecting on the scars of slavery as if it were yesterday. Why? Because although slavery has long ended in a formal sense, the socio-economic conditions that accompanied the slave mode have not been completely erased from our country and region. The immediate […]

Lest we forget, Covid is aerosol driven for which, what’s plateaued can transitioned exponentially with a solitary concentrated delta variant cough, evident in the infinitely long list of plateaued premature celebrants. Indeed, America celebrated by the millions, as masks were unmasked, for hospitalisations and deaths enjoyed a southward trajectory. And with celebrations, a pensive Dr. Fauci was forced to restate […]

To date Guyana cannot boast of a Nanny. She was the maroon who led the First Maroon War (1720-1739) against the British which resulted in the signing of a treaty that accepted the freedom of her and her followers and the awarding of 500 acres of land for a settlement, known as Nanny Town, located in Blue Mountain. Guyana has […]

One day Anansi the spider picked some very fat and tasty yams from his garden. He baked them with much care and they came out smelling quite delicious. He could not wait to sit down and eat them. Just then there was a knock at his door. It was Turtle, who had been traveling all day and was very tired […]

In 1807 the British Slave Trade was abolished. The abolition was the result of uprisings by enslaved Africans and agitating by compassionate whites that the trade is abominable, depriving the enslaved of their human dignity and exposing the depravity of the enslavers. Years of agitating in the public sphere in London and in Parliament by religious groups like the Quakers, […]

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