Dear Editor I don’t know if has been done before but kudos to Education Minister Priya Manickchand for using data analysis of the NGSA mock exams to drive instruction. Data analyses work; I know as I was part of the data analysis team at my school, and we were able to see significant improvements via use of this instrument. And, […]

Dear Editor Permit me a few lines in your publication to highlight some issues that I consider of utmost importance. Solid waste management and Tax collection represent two major challenges for the Mayor and City Council (M&CC). I am pleased that responsible business owners who utilise the services provided by the council and produce excess garbage during their stock taking […]

 Dear Editor David Granger has once again violated the Central Executive and membership of the PNCR, as well as the APNU by singlehandedly determining that two newly formed political entities are eligible for membership of the APNU. And despite the decision ton Wednesday taken by senior Party members and  members of the Central executive not to support said decision, Mr. Granger […]

Dear Editor, The COVID 19 Pandemic continues to devastate the world, both Healthwise and Economically. While we continue to recommend that persons follow the established guidelines of social distancing, handwashing and wearing of masks there is now the additional measure of Vaccines to protect us. Vaccines help us to develop immunity which help us fight off infections. Recently the issue […]

Dear Editor, I read with interest the letter which dealt with the categorization of persons described as Very Important VIPs written by Conrad Barrow. He proposes that this description be abolished. I take issue with his contention that his understanding of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 should lead us to end the categorization of certain persons as […]

Dear editor, And this was spoken by Abraham Lincoln, “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. For Dr. Frank Anthony ascended the mountain tops to profess that unlike the rest of the world, we have enough […]

Dear Editor Like Guyanese everywhere, I am deeply concerned about the present environmental disasters affecting Guyana. There is a formality but it is partly political and directly in the power of political managers. I assure these managers that this is not an argument for power-sharing which is now seen as a crime and a diversion from destiny. This letter is […]

Dear Editor I am no see-far man nor do I claim to possess any extraordinary talents but I have heard from family members and friends over the years that I have a knack for “spotting tings.” I  will for this discussion call it my “intelli-sense.” I have been known to accurately call a few things before they happen. I remember […]

Dear Editor Amidst all the news that the widow of Dr. Walter Rodney, Dr. Patricia Rodney, allegedly requested the Government of Guyana change the cause of death on her husband’s death certificate, Guyanese are still in the dark about: 1.      Whether such a request was made by Dr. Rodney? The evidence was not provided, merely a claim that such a […]

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