Dear Editor, I join with all those who have gone before me to express sympathy with the widow and offspring of the late Mr. Orin Boston, age 29, described as a businessman of Dartmouth, Essequibo Coast.  I also join with those like Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, former Coalition Minister, Mr. Roy Brummell, creative writer, and others who have demanded a transparent […]

Dear Editor A Nation-State and Citizens must always be alert to signs that they are heading to human degradation in the form of barbaric treatment by one set of people against another group. Just a few years ago, we experienced the wanton killing and torture particularly of a certain section of our male population. Not so long ago, those who […]

Dear Editor, In July 2021, a Reuters article quoted the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) as stating that the gap between the first and second dose of the Sputnik vaccine can be increased to 180 days. Initially, the research had indicated 21 days between doses. But with mounting manufacturing delays, the RDIF advised that the gap period can be […]

Dear Editor Picture for a moment: you have a physical illness and your doctor tells you, your treatment will be based on archaic, out of date guidelines and principles, rather than modern procedures based on international standards. You have no choice, you will be deprived of your liberty and your rights taken away, if you don’t comply. Imagine the outcry, […]

Dear editor, We as a people have gone through much, for Slavery that was brutally inflicted, is a historical fact, yet many have been indoctrinated to accept the whitewashing of it. In contrast, the Jews would never buy into such indoctrination as they defend their right to speak of the Holocaust, without reservations. In fact, the very history which highlights […]

Dear Editor Note is taken of the formation of a new group, named Article 13, with the declared intent to pursue an approach in giving meaning to Article 13 in the Constitution of Guyana, which is the principal objective of our political system.  It has been almost 21 lonely years, of more than 40 years of struggle in this country, that I […]

Dear Editor, Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions regarding some aspects of the COVID-19 situation. First, I applaud government’s most recent initiatives in the effort to encourage vaccinations. My position is premised on the conviction that Guyanese have reached and passed the psychological tipping point; those who want to be vaccinated are already vaccinated, therefore, those who […]

Dear Editor, This has relevance to the article on the contract to D. Sawh’s competence to build pump stations.  Information coming out of the Secretariat of Ministry of Agriculture indicates that tenders for several pump stations around the country will be retendered. In other words, those which were advertised for which bids were made by private contractors have been rejected […]

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