Dear Editor,  Please provide thereunder the attention it deserves, for it’s the pronouncement of our renown Sociologist, Prof Charles Ramson LLB LLM OIL GAS BTL “I think that in the black community, young black kids need lots of examples of success. Because they need to see that there is a pathway for them to build that successful life.” In fact, […]

Dear Editor, It gives me no pleasure to respond to one of the most inept and inefficient government ministers Charles Ramson Jr, who by mere affiliation and privilege sits where he is, but I’m compelled to so do. This little boy minister, was on 94.1 Boom FM radio, arguably the country’s most popular radio station, of which I’m told is […]

Dear Editor, About two months ago in the Mark’s take column, I proffered this about Lenox Shuman’s, post elections Covid-19 politicisation propaganda; “ But such egotist shan’t be of unlimited time since historically, minions who expose, are further expose with the inevitable political throes.” For, not dissimilar to John the Baptist, guided by the political Gods, I foresaw his demise. […]

Dear Editor I noted a very spirited letter in Kaieteur News,Nov 25, 2021, written by Neil Adams, criticising the Coalition Government of 2015-2020, while extolling the virtues of the PPP administration so far, as the paltry 7% increase over two years for Public Sector employees.. Through his propaganda competence, not a word of the $250,000 cash handed out to sugar […]

Dear Editor It is now a foregone conclusion that the current CEO of GUYSUCO is above his league or in common parlance he is ‘sailing’ and the state of the entity will get worse rather than better. Is it by default or design that Mr Singh is still there? Numerous letter writers have succinctly expressed this position but a letter […]

Dear Editor, I refer to article, “”Absolute nonsense” President Ali tells ‘greedy’ Govt. contractors,” which was published in Kaieteur News (KN, Wednesday, November 24, 2021). It was reported that during a meeting with contractors – who are currently executing works of $100 million and above – at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre (ACCC), the President allegedly scolded contractors who “had […]

Dear Editor, Reference is made to commentaries about Exxon audit and potential or probable conflict of interests in monitoring Exxon’s environmental record. Mr. Shyam signed off on Exxon’s request for approval for drilling and production. Mr. Shyam Nokta was not only a candidate on PPP list in 2020 elections, his environmental company, Environmental Management Consultants Inc (EMC), was reported to […]

Dear Editor, Indian rights intellectuals have disappointed their community and the country in being silent over what passes as governance under the PPP administration, especially failure of government to follow established rules and practices. The actvists were very critical of the coalition during its five years tenure. They demanded release of the oil contract and called for renegotiation. But they […]

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