Dear Editor, Permit me a few lines in your publication to express a few notable concerns. I note that Georgetown continues to grow and expand. It is the epicentre of the new oil and gas economy and the cultural melting pot of our country. The infrastructure landscape continues to change and adapt to growing demands. Stores along Regent Street have […]

Dear Editor, I run the risk of being considered tedious or repetitive, however because so much is at stake and the prospect of this and succeeding generations not obtaining optimum benefit from our God-given natural resources, these efforts are worthwhile. The German, Joseph Goebbels and the American Senator, Joseph Mc Carthy utilized the repeating of an issue until it gained […]

Dear Editor, The Summit of the America must got on! It is the democratic right of any country to reject the invitation from the US, as it is the right of the host not to invite countries with leaders that do not respect human rights, the rule of law and free and fair elections and whose governance does not embrace […]

Dear Editor, Pat Dial’s Column “Consumer Concerns” in Guyana Chronicle Sunday April 24 raises the important issue of the restructuring of the management of the Mayor & City Council. Most citizens will heartily agree. The current organisational structure belonged to a more cultivated era when well respected citizens like Rahman Gajraj, C.V. Wight were the Mayors. Later followed the politicians […]

Dear Editor, On Sunday, May 1st the Guyana Trade Union Congress’s (GTUC) annual May/Labor Day march/ parade returned to the streets after two years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other restrictions. In excellent weather, hundreds of the nation’s workers took to the streets with their banners and placards expressing their demands, including their social/political concerns. It was […]

Dear Editor, I hear President Ali’s call to Western investors (“UK, European Union investors need to aggressively pursue opportunities in Guyana -Ali”, Demerara Waves, April 26). I commend the President for seeing the light, and sounding the gong. “Aggressively pursue” resonates with that echo, from the way I absorb what the President said to his audience. I detect that it […]

Dear Editor, The Stabroek News editorial of Sunday 4/24/2022 did not come as a surprise to me, it has been in their DNA always to denigrate any Black leader in this country and especially if he wears the colours of the Peoples National Congress (PNC). The editorial stuffed with Political Dog Whistles, lays bear the intentions of the water carriers […]

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