Many persons have asked me to put in writing part of what I have been doing on social media platforms since the installation of the PPP government in August 2020. In addition to my opposition and partisan advocacy and mobilization, I have tried to explain to my audiences the subtext behind the political developments in the country. The assumption is […]

The arrest of Sherod Duncan on the nonsensical accusation of calling somebody a Jagabat and Trench Crappo is at first glance laughable. But this is Guyana where “all skin teeth nah laugh.” This is a serious development. The government is making good on its promise to jail Duncan and the other Facebook Talk Show hosts. A few weeks ago, it […]

As Guyana navigates yet another ethno-political standoff, I have decided to reach into the not so distant past for one of the most profound political declarations of our country’s modern political history—Guyana: No Guilty Race. It was the title of a small book published by Eusi Kwayana in 1999 in the wake of the political impasse following the 1997 general […]

As we come to the end of the year, we look back on the last twelve months with much frustration and angst–understandably so. Out of the tragedy of the 2020 election has come a rampant dictatorship primed to bulldoze its way to total domination. As with all dictatorship there is a heavy dose of disrespect for all and sundry. Men […]

There has been a lot of talk about democracy in Guyana in recent times. In fact, those who supported the transfer of power to the PPP against the backdrop of the inconclusive 2020 election have defended their decision as an act of saving democracy. I have firmly disagreed with that formulation. In fact, it is my considered view that the […]

In light of the ongoing charges of racism against the PPP government, I reproduce an article I wrote 20years ago. Has anything changed? Be the judge) When I first wrote on African Guyanese marginalization, I had hoped that it would raise the level of debate on this most important subject. Unfortunately, except for a very thoughtful Stabroek News editorial, the […]

Guyana is an interesting country. But it has to be. It is a country with a legacy of ethnic divisions spawned by the competition among non-white peoples for scarce resources. And its post-colonial political arrangements have exacerbated the problem rather than solve it. The majoritarian zero-sum politics leave little incentive for a politics of sharing. So whichever of the two […]

My recent call on African Guyanese to support their village economies by among other things buying what they produce in their communities has not unexpectedly brought out the firing squads. Led by a certain columnist, there are calls for me to be jailed and perhaps murdered like Ronald Waddell. How dare David Hinds call on people to buy black pudding […]

The chickens are beginning to come home to roost. The supporters of regime-change are now realising their mistake. When faced with a crisis last year between March and December, some opinion shapers and independent voices chose the easy way out by concocting a weird notion of democracy which then became a convenient standard by which to measure the fairness of […]

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