If there were any doubts that Guyana has once again become a sick place, they were washed away last Wednesday morning when Guyana awoke to the news that Orin Boston was shot to death in his home by members of the police SWAT team. Yet again the family of an African Guyanese man must watch their son, husband and father […]

By Dr. David Hinds  Today is the 96th birth anniversary of Brother Eusi Kwayana, one of the foremost leaders of Guyana’s modern politics. His public life spans seven and a half decades and at 96 he still comments on political and social developments in his country. Along with Forbes Burnham, Cheddi Jagan and Walter Rodney, Kwayana has cemented his place […]

The recent Venezuelan aggression towards Guyana and the announcement and swift rescinding of Guyana’s opening to Taiwan are not isolated events. The narrow reading of these developments by the politicians on both sides of the political divide is not surprising– politicians never pretend to be analysts. But I am relatively surprised that the media, the opinion shapers and the pundits […]

By Dr. David Hinds The Ethnic Relations Commission held its national  conversation on Ethnic Relations this past week. The question posed to the participants was this—What can be done to improve Ethnic Relations in Guyana? Those invited to participate were for the most part the usual suspects—those known to have publicly and consistently weighed in on the issue of race […]

Former President, David Granger last week formally turned down an invitation to a meeting of ex-presidents that is being convened by current president Irfaan Ali. Mr. Granger’s response was eagerly awaited by many who contended that the meeting is nothing more than an opportunistic attempt at dialogue through the backdoor. I said as much in last week’s column. Granger’s non-attendance […]

Hinds’ Sight by Dr. David Hinds This past week the AFC added its voice to charges by the opposition that the PPP government is pursuing a racist agenda against African Guyanese. This accusation arises from the government’s action since it took office in August. It has fired mainly African Guyanese government bureaucrats (the number differs depending who you speak to), […]

The Guyana elections have come and gone. The PPP has been given the reins of government. In less than four months it has consolidated itself in power in ways that were not anticipated by even the most cynical observer. The arrogance that has to date characterized its tenure has far outstripped anything that we have seen before. Never in our […]

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