One day Anansi the spider picked some very fat and tasty yams from his garden. He baked them with much care and they came out smelling quite delicious. He could not wait to sit down and eat them. Just then there was a knock at his door. It was Turtle, who had been traveling all day and was very tired […]

In 1807 the British Slave Trade was abolished. The abolition was the result of uprisings by enslaved Africans and agitating by compassionate whites that the trade is abominable, depriving the enslaved of their human dignity and exposing the depravity of the enslavers. Years of agitating in the public sphere in London and in Parliament by religious groups like the Quakers, […]

(Emancipate yourself from mental slavery) On the eve of emancipation there remains much reflection on the state of Africans’ wellness- political, social, cultural and economic. There has often been the argument that emancipation from chattel slavery (chains) does not constitute full emancipation because enslavement takes many forms. Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey and other leading African icons have throughout time implored […]

Sky News Victoria Seabrook Climate reporter @SeabrookClimate Thursday 29 July 2021 CCAG researchers call for urgent research on refreezing the Arctic, and say many other solutions already exist. The Arctic is now experiencing several “never before” events, with dramatic, human impacts on the planet’s ecosystem, according to a new report. While the Arctic is supposed to be a climate-regulating system, […]

The Delta variant is considered the most dangerous of strain of COVID-19. It is that dangerous that some are even calling for a third dose to ward against the deleterious impact that could come from being infected and unvaccinated. The Pan America Health Organisation has said this variant is in Guyana. The United States Centre for Prevention and Disease Control […]

Being infected with COVID-19 virus could lead to serious illness and the possibility of death because of complications arising from infection. The truth, however painful and avoidance it may be for some, is that Guyana is falling behind the curve in effectively managing the virus. The Minister of Health has a serious problem on his hands. The soonest he acknowledges […]

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