As women we feel as though we are in constant struggle to validate ourselves to men, society, and fit into a male composed stereotype of what the woman is supposed to be like. There is a tik-tok post of a beautiful young woman exerting herself on what a man means when he asks a woman what she is bringing to […]

The death last week of Mondale Smith, popular media and cultural personality and chef has seen outpourings of grief. Those who didn’t know him personally or had a chance encounter, knew him from afar. According to the Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, Mondale died from complications resulting from COVID-19. People are sharing tributes about how they see Mondale and […]

Last Wednesday, May 26, Guyana marked another Independence Anniversary. Independence was achieved under the leadership of Premier Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham who remains one of the most misunderstood leaders of our time. From his policies, deportment, competitiveness, intellect, philosophy, patriotism to his charisma, detractors have found ways to downplay and demonise attributes that normally would be sources for discourse to […]

It is not a good sign in society where people begin to develop fear and engage in excessive self-censorship because they sense the possibility of danger befalling themselves and or family members. A democratic society is one where freedom of expression is a fundamental right enjoyed by all. Such freedom must not merely be articulated as window dressing but enshrined […]

The action by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to suspend the Charles Rosa Nursing School programme without notice, leaving young nursing students stranded, is nothing more than meanness. It is a spiteful attempt to punish the people of Linden particularly the nursing fraternity for recent protests. There is no justifiable reason for shutting the school down and the excuse presented […]

The story of Anna reminds society of the importance of socialisation to human behaviour. Behavioural theorists have established that human beings are born as empty slates and their minds can therefore be moulded into anything during early childhood years.  It was confirmed with Anna, the first feral child, raised in the wild by primates who when found by humans demonstrated […]

Viewpoint There is a rising demand observed in social media calling for David Arthur Granger, Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), to step down from party leadership.  Notably this is not a new development but one observed as long as before the no confidence motion in December 2018, supported by a coalition member from the Alliance For Change […]

For some men, the alpha female is not marriage material. She is the woman they find fascinating, the high achiever that they are proud of, the woman who is prepared and not afraid to say what she wants, when and how she wants it. She is a home maker as much as she is a deal breaker. Nothing is wrong […]

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