Former President David Granger on Friday urged Guyanese to emancipate themselves from mental slavery and become the drivers for change in their communities and the country. During his weekly programme, “The Public Interest,” Mr. Granger said that, as the nation prepares to celebrate the 183rd anniversary of Emancipation, that historical event is still relevant to everyday life. He explained that Emancipation […]

The Guyana Trades Union Congress extends Emancipation greetings to all Guyanese, particularly our African brothers and sisters whose ancestors were enslaved for centuries as property, cargo of another race (Europeans). 183 years ago, the valiant struggle by Africans for human dignity and respect was advanced a step further with the Emancipation Proclamation which ended the most brutish system of man’s injustice towards […]

The Society for African Guyanese Empowerment (SAGE) joins the African Guyanese community in its observance of the 183rd anniversary of the abolition of slavery in Guyana and the Anglophone Caribbean. Emancipation is perhaps the most important signpost in the Guyanese journey to nationhood. Emancipation meant not only freedom for African Guyanese but for all Guyanese who came before and after. Hence […]

The WPA salutes the African Guyanese community on yet another Emancipation anniversary.  The contributions of the group to Guyana’s evolution as a nation-state cannot be denied. In fact, they are even more remarkable given the fact that African Guyanese endured more than two decades of chattel slavery which effectively reduced them to a state of inferior humanity. That they survived that […]

The spirit of yearning for freedom – that liberty of mind, body, and soul from ownership by others never deserted the African slaves and the indentured contracted workers who followed them after full Emancipation in 1838. Numerous were the uprisings, rebellions, protests, riots and strikes. Emancipation never came willingly or cheaply from the colonialists. Against those sentiments, the GAWU salutes […]

The Irfaan Ali Administration would be issuing direct cash transfers particularly to the farmers and residents, in an effort to cushion the impact of the recent floods, which ravaged approximately 300 communities across Guyana. President Irfaan Ali made the announcement on Saturday, July 31, 2021 during an address to the nation. The funds, which will go directly to those hardest […]

The Delta variant is considered the most dangerous of strain of COVID-19. It is that dangerous that some are even calling for a third dose to ward against the deleterious impact that could come from being infected and unvaccinated. The Pan America Health Organisation has said this variant is in Guyana. The United States Centre for Prevention and Disease Control […]

…President says ‘new Guyana’ requires bold thinking, visionary actions Former cricketer, Ramnaresh Sarwan on Friday opened a multi-million-dollar mall at Providence, East Bank Demerara and President Irfaan Ali said that the new Guyana that his government will create requires business owners and operators to step outside of their comfort zones and to be innovative with their investments. He implored the […]

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