Governance is about people and their development within the confines of universally acceptable legal, physical, and moral infrastructures. Governance is not about one upmanship as witnessed in the Friday meeting between President Irfaan Ali and Leader of the Opposition Aubrey Norton. The fact that Norton had to request from Ali the names of the persons he intends to appoint to […]

Once again it was a sad and pathetic experience in this nation. It was an experience that had all the hallmark of government discriminatory practices and acts of vindictiveness towards African Guyanese and the people of Linden/Region 10. This nation saw the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) that encouraged widespread squatting under successive People’s National Congress (PNC) administrations and championed squatters […]

The Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) held their triennial conference last week under the theme. ‘Embracing new education perspectives in a pandemic.’ Education is the stairway to our nation’s development. It is the pillar upon which we as a people must rise to deal with the challenge of an oil economy and a more developed society. Teachers, potential and active- must […]

As a boy growing up on the West Coast of Berbice I looked forward to Easter. By now our kites would have been made, which was usually a communal effort. Who couldn’t afford the kite paper bought from the stores, used their creativity and papered their kites from the pages of newspapers. Who couldn’t afford paste or didn’t want to […]

There is growing concern the government is not making genuine and sustainable efforts to ensure the development of the masses. They are no well thought out sustainable programmes to ensure the upliftment of all the people. Skepticism is growing that President Ali’s one Guyana mantra is not only divisive because it seeks to undermine the national motto but that few […]

—-we too must recommit to struggle for fundamental human rights The alleged racist utterances by Attorney-at-law Nirvan Singh to a female police officer, the invading of her personal space and depositing of saliva droplets on her, whilst she was on duty at the residence of his father, retired acting Chancellor Carl Singh, are condemned in the strongest possible terms. Further […]

This nation is suffering from leaders, formal and informal, regurgitating the opinions of those who are historically opposed to anything created by or under the Forbes Burnham government. The Constitution of Guyana, which was established under his administration, is one such. It is not about an amendment here or there as necessary, or law that gives meaning to the constitution […]

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