GTUC calls for a gov’t that watches out for workers and vulnerable in society (26th May 2022) – The 56th anniversary of Guyana’s independence finds a very divided nation- a society dangerously drifting from its motto, “One People One Nation One Destiny.” Hopelessness, despair and fear are everywhere. One would never have expected that any indigenous leader or group would have […]

No less than five persons have been murdered at the hands of the Guyana Police Force since August 2020. Wanton extra judicial killing has returned and this time more ominous than before. The past weeks remind us of rogue elements in the Force who have taken siege of Law Enforcement and they seem to be unstoppable. Citizens are being shot […]

Shortly after Joseph Hamilton’s ascension to office as Minister of Labour he walked around this country making known that on his watch there will be respect for Labour Laws and workers’ rights. Whereas Hamilton’s intention might have been honourable, the fact he has not delivered speaks volumes of his government and perhaps their intention. Under the Law, the Minister of […]

We the people must continue to fight for transparency and accountability in government regardless of who is in office. It ought to be of concern that last month when a United States’ (U.S) journalist sought to get an answer from President Irfaan Ali whether Guyana got a fair deal from ExxonMobil he sidelined the question. Before the People’s Progressive Party/Civic […]

The two-month-old Irfaan Ali government seems bent on pursuing the politics of victimization, recrimination and discrimination. Who have not yet been fired, transferred or superseded having been employed, confirmed or promoted under the previous administration have all reason to believe it is only a matter of time for them. Also, whereas the government makes charges that the past administration was […]

Self-preservation is mankind’s strongest emotions. Healthcare workers are human beings and they have a basic, fundamental entitlement to safety and protection of their lives. No worker should be unduly exposed knowingly to hazardous threats and potential life-threatening circumstances without adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It is callous and insensitive for this government, or anyone, to represent the healthcare workers’ legitimate […]

Two Fridays ago Frederick “Toots” Hibbert left this early plain at age 77. Death forces us to review the lives of those who have impacted us, one way or the other. Toots was one such person, through his music. Though I never met the man, I felt I knew him dancing to his hits and listening to his songs on […]

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