Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali recently paid a three-day visit to the Republic of Suriname to attend the country’s 45th Independence anniversary celebrations. The Guyana President, appeared relaxed and at ease, comfortable in the company of his colleague Head of State – two newly-minted Presidents developing a close rapport. The optics were good. They suggested that relations between Guyana and Suriname […]

Laurens Storm van’s Gravesande was a towering figure of the Dutch’s presence in the colonies of Essequibo and Demerara. According to David Granger, in his monograph – Laurens Storm van’s Gravesande: His life and times in Essequibo and Demerara – Gravesande served as Secretary for the Dutch West India Company, the principal colonizing and governing authority in Guiana. He became […]

The best way to write a book is one chapter at a time. David Granger’s The Public Interest: Good governance and social justice is a compendium of elegant essays written one at a time, each of which was published previously but which retains a refreshing relevance today. The essays are knitted together by their common theme – social justice. Social […]

A change of government often presents the challenge of designing and implementing a new or revised national defence policy. The task of formulating its own national defence policy has often proven problematic. Instead of articulation there is ambivalence. The problem has been, frequently, the lack of competence which is a product of the inability to understand the implications, intricacies and […]

  Public security has always been the Achilles’ heel of the People’s Political Party Civic (PPPC) in Government. The PPPC, in office between 1957 and 1964 and again between 1992 and 2015, failed palpably to ensure a satisfactory level of security for citizens. The security situation often deteriorates into crises whenever the PPPC is in government. The PPPC used this […]

David Granger’s Public Policy: the crisis of governance in Guyana sets out to show how “…governance staggers when public policy falters”. It succeeds in doing a great deal more. The book represents a most damning indictment of the People’s Progressive Party Civic’s (PPPC) performance after entering office in 1992. It relates a continuum of maladministration resulting from the failure of […]

The first decade of the 21st century, perhaps, was the Guyana’s bloodiest. The exact number of persons murdered during this period remains contested but there is no disputing the level of fear, insecurity and violence which the country experienced during that decade which Granger refers to as ‘The Troubles.’ The Troubles: the secondary impact of criminal violence is the title […]

Security and the environment have been central concerns to David Granger’s intellectual, governmental and political pursuits. Granger establishes the link between the safety of Caribbean populations and the security of the natural environment in his Human safety and environmental security in the Caribbean Basin. Granger, before being elected to the Presidency, had authored books and articles on national and regional […]

David Granger’s A roof over every head: every citizen’s right to proper housing provides a visionary and practical solution to Guyana’s housing woes. The book reflects the value of strategic planning in the development of social policies. Housing is part of every Guyanese citizen’s birthright. The American dream was once described as “…a house in the suburbs, a chicken in […]

David Granger’s, A Thriving Sugar Industry. Restructuring for productivity, debunks the myth that Guyana’s Coalition Administration was determined to close the industry and to place thousands of workers on the breadline. The book reveals that, to the contrary, the actions which the David Granger administration took on assuming office in May 2015 were intended to protect jobs, preserve the industry […]

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