After 55 years of Independence and 51 years of republican status Guyanese have not been able to develop a vision by, and for, all Guyanese. The era of President Burnham was undoubtedly the era when the project of a national vision was most evident. However, notwithstanding some historic moments in respect to matters of the economy and national defense, there […]

Not so long ago this newspaper reminded the Guyana Government of the dangers surrounding the proposed establishment, by legislation, of a “border patrol unit”, particularly since it will clash with current statutory and constitutional legislation which established the Guyana Defence Force as the agency responsible for the nation’s border security. It was clear to us then that the government was […]

Earlier this week, the Government’s response to the Opposition’s question about the sourcing and price for the Sputnik V vaccine is another reminder how important is Parliament and why this branch (legislature) of government must meet frequently. This is the only branch where all the elected representatives of the people could advance the concerns of the people and hold both […]

Today is Enmore Martyrs’ Day. 73 years ago five sugar workers were killed by colonial police on this day during protests action on the Demerara estates against the cut and load system, and other socioeconomic grievances associated with plantation work and life. The five are, Rambarran, Pooran, Lallabagee, Surajballi and Harry. In 1977 the Forbes Burnham Government began honouring the […]

The government of Benjamin Netanyahu is no more after 12 years in office. A coalition of opposition forces, of what some see as unlikely allies, has unseated the Netanyahu government in a parliamentary election on Sunday. The new alliance will see Naftali Bennett, as Prime Minister and Yair Lapid, former TV journalist-turned politician, the Alternate Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. […]

The G7 summit which is being held in the United Kingdom, between June 11-13th,  involves seven nations considered the world’s most powerful. These countries are the United States (U.S), Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom. The leaders are meeting under different circumstances, as against the last four years, where the U.S has a new president interested in global […]

There has been a steep increase, reflecting more than 100 percent, in sugar. A bag that once cost less than $6000.00 is not costing in excess of $13,000.00. Sugar is produced by the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), which is a state-owned entity. In addition to this fact, the Government gives billions to GuySuCo from the Treasury to keep the company […]

A government of the people never gives up on the people. Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony’s statement that “as our case fatality is at 2.3%, or put another way, for every 100 persons infected with the virus, two would lose their lives” sounding a death knell when it should not be. The statement comes across as raising the white […]

The National Assembly will sit today after not sitting for almost three months. This has been a most unfortunate place for democracy in Guyana given that this is the legislative branch of government.  The legislative branch is the most representative arm of government. It is the only branch where representatives of both the Government and Opposition are allowed to participate […]

No doubt the destruction and damage resulting from the floods will necessitate government spending. Billions have been lost by people and businesses and some may never be able to recoup their loss or continue with their business. The government thus far has stated it will spend billions on flood relief. This may be all well and good because it is […]

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