Today, Guyanese and most peoples worldwide celebrate Father’s Day. The fact, though, is that fatherhood is not afforded that same level of honour as motherhood, even on the special day set aside for that purpose. Guyanese will also acknowledge that tokenism, lip service  and scant regard are too often the approaches to celebrations of fatherhood. There is not enough recognition […]

Officials of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) continue to disregard the rule of law. The ruling regime apparently believes that Guyana’s laws, including the supreme law, the Constitution, do not apply to them. They apparently hold the view that it is their right — by virtue of “being PPP” — to totally disregard constitutional mandates, provisions contained in subsidiary legislation, […]

The dismissal of a private criminal charge against attorney at law Nirvan Singh by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Shalimar Ali-Hack has understandably outraged many Guyanese. Singh, an Indo-Guyanese man, is the son of former Chancellor of the Judiciary Carl Singh. It is alleged that on March 20, he used racially hostile language against Woman Constable Shawnette Bollers, who […]

In two weeks, Guyana would observe it 56th anniversary of Independence. Yes, it has been more than five and a half decades of formal independence from our colonial masters. It was a moment pregnant with both relief and hope. After all, it was a release from almost four hundred years of bondage that included the dreaded and dreadful experience of […]

Governments have always found themselves in collision with the media. This is largely due to the fact that government by its very nature is about secrecy while media are about exposure, oversight and openness. Here in Guyana, we have had a long history of government’s assault on press freedom. During the PNC’s reign, the media landscape was dominated by the […]

Today is Labor Day—the day when workers of the world observe the centrality of labor in the productive process and by extension the Labor Movement. It is an entrenched tradition that has survived the rapid global changes in recent times. From Colonialism to Independence to Globalization, the observance of Labor Day has survived. For us in Guyana, this is especially […]

There are some very interesting findings in the recently released opinion poll of Guyanese by the International Republican Institute (IRI). The poll which is based on a sample of 1500 adults was weighted for ethnicity, gender, age and region drawn from the figures of the 2012 census. According the IRI the exercise conducted by CID Gallup utilized “a multi-stage probability […]

The significance of the Easter story to our contemporary world cannot be overstated. It is a familiar story of the human experience—a story of despair and overcoming, of suffering and survival. The persecution of Jesus Christ and his rise from the dead offers us hope that no matter the challenges, there is something in the human spirit that triggers the […]

After more than three months of the most unusual political drama, newly elected leader of the PNC, Aubrey Norton has been appointed to the National Assembly and if there is no more drama, he will become the Opposition Leader . It has been a long three months that have evidently sapped the political energies of the party and by extension […]

Judge Ketanji Browne-Jackson’s appointment to the Supreme Court in the USA should be of great significance to Guyana. Although our country has crossed the hurdle of appointing Black women to our Supreme court a long time ago, we must not be blinded to the significance of Judge Jackson’s ascension to this high office. She does so in the context of […]

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