Guyana’s fragile political environment was dealt another severe blow with the recent arrest of Sherod Duncan. He is being investigated for breach of the Cybercrime Act after an employee at GECOM complained to the police that the AFC Member of Parliament had used derogatory language to describe him. Mr. Duncan is host of a popular Facebook programme, “In the Ring,” […]

From all appearances it seemed as if the PNC’s recent Congress had ended on a positive note and that the party had made giant steps towards healing the differences which had emerged in the wake of the Coalition’s loss of power. But, as we go to press, a new public bickering has emerged surrounding the positions of Opposition leader in […]

The year 2021 began with Guyana fighting off two powerful forces—the Covid 19 pandemic and a recently imposed government that in a mere five months had shown sings of dictatorship. One year later the pandemic continues to ravage our country as infections and fatalities rise daily under a government that stubbornly rejected all calls for a national strategy and  bipartisan […]

As we take a break from the rough and tumble of our daily lives to observe Christmas, it is perhaps a good time for sober reflection on where we have been as a community and a sovereign State. The birth of Jesus signifies something defining in the consciousness of both believers and non-believers. From a purely religious standpoint it is […]

As we go to press the Peoples National Congress-Reform (PNC-R) is in the process of electing a new leader. The long-awaited congress of one of Guyana’s two largest parties has gripped the attention of not just the party’s faithful, but the country at large. Never before in Guyana’s modern political history has the internal election of a party been so […]

While the news of Mr. Vishnu Persaud’s appointment as the Chief Election Officer at GECOM comes as no surprise to those who have been following the happenings at that agency, it nevertheless raises serious questions about the country’s immediate political future. That the Chairperson yet again voted with the PPP commissioners on this very controversial appointment suggests that GECOM has […]

This publication holds no brief for any political party in Guyana. But it supports the right of all political parties to function without humbug and harassment. Freedom of assembly is a central pillar of any democratic society, especially ones like Guyana where precious blood was shed to win fundamental human rights. It is with this in mind that we have […]

At some point Guyana has to settle its political problems. The country cannot afford to continue to wallow in the political gangsterism that has become normative. The current government is in place, and it has a responsibility to govern fairly. The opposition however cheated it may feel has to behave as if it is part of the overall governance and […]

From its birth this publication has made it clear that it stands on the side of the working class, not because we are class warriors. Rather we endeavor to be true to the tradition from which our country emerged. From the plantation through the colonial order to our independence project ours has been a history of struggle to liberate labour […]

Friday was nomination day for the various leadership positions and the executive of the PNC. Voting would take place at the eagerly awaited bi-annual congress of the party slated for December 11. This year’s congress comes at a pivotal time for the PNC and the country at large. It is the first congress since the party as part of a […]

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