COVID-19 | World Health Organisation (WHO) Science in 5 on COVID-19

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There is much need for information on COVID-19. With each passing day and report about new variants, new vaccines, the vaccines the WHO has approved or yet to approve, health status and comorbidities, people want answers. They want to know which vaccine they should take, who should take the vaccine, and what are the variants.

The Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) has confirmed the dreaded Delta variant, first identified in India and said to be more contagious, is now in the Caribbean. This is triggering a new dangerous phase in fighting the pandemic. The presence of this variant in some places have forced the reinstituting of the mask mandate and advisory that families forego travel during the august (summer) school break.

Guyanese at home are dealing with their own concerns and skepticism about the virus and the management of it by the Government. WHO provides the opportunity to be more informed and better able to make informed judgements in dealing with the pandemic and the choices that are necessary to stay safe.


Chief Scientist, Dr Soumya Swaminathan answers questions from people around the world about the variants and vaccines. Take a listen-who knows there may be a question you would like to answer that someone has asked and received the answer.

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