Viewpoint – People, COVID-19 Kills. Be Warned

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The death last week of Mondale Smith, popular media and cultural personality and chef has seen outpourings of grief. Those who didn’t know him personally or had a chance encounter, knew him from afar. According to the Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, Mondale died from complications resulting from COVID-19. People are sharing tributes about how they see Mondale and how much he would be missed. The deadly coronavirus had robbed society of a much-liked person who was in the prime of his life and evidently had so much more to offer.

Mourning Mondale does not mean those who are battling the disease or may have lost a loved one are not valued, or people do not empathise. What makes Mondale’s death so notable is his relative youth, vivacious and high-profile personality. Mondale’s death must teach us something. His death must teach us COVID-19 kills and some who survived are living with complications. This disease has two aims- to invade the body and destroy it.

Whilst some have successfully resisted to tell the stories of their experiences, some have not. But those who have not survived are too telling their stories from the grave.  It is a story, carrying the screaming headline- “COVID-19 Kills. Be Warned.” Looking at a corpse, however handsome, is a reminder of what could befall anyone who does not do all within his/her power to avoid being infected. Mondale’s death, as the many others who died of complications resulting from the virus, could have been avoided.

At this stage where lives seem to be meaningless judging by the government’s management of the pandemic it becomes the responsibility of everyone to get up and get. Go and get the vaccine. According to the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “COVID-19 vaccines help our bodies develop immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 without us having to get the illness.” It is better to have the vaccine and get a fighting chance to live, than not have the vaccine, and should the virus be contracted the body finds it difficult to fight which could lead to complications and ultimately death.


Please, please, people. Visit your health centre, hospital or wherever the vaccine is being given in your area and get vaccinated. Today. This week. As difficult as life is, life is worth living. We must be able to defeat COVID-19. COVID-19 must not defeat us. Hundreds have already lost their lives. Those alive could win the war against the virus. Winning the war requires two things- taking the vaccine and continuing to observe the precautions.

Let’s live life by defeating this deadly virus. Where there is doubt, and this is understandable, have discussion with the health visitor, nurse, doctor or whichever medical personnel is trusted. This is a special appeal to women, who are society’s nurturers, to encourage each other, friends and loved ones to get vaccinated. May the soul of Mondale and the more than 400 souls Rest in Eternal Peace. May we, who are alive, honour their memories by getting vaccinated and continuing good practices to avoid the likelihood of being infected.

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