‘Brutus being disingenuous’

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Calvin Brutus

– Caribbean Police Federation 

The Caribbean Federation of Police Welfare Associations (CFPWA) said the Deputy Commissioner of Police (ag) Calvin Brutus was disingenuous when posited that the Guyana Police Association, initiated by him, was held in accordance with Standing Order No. 35 Section 1.

“DCP (ag) Brutus elements of deceitfulness can be appraised when he deliberately and irresponsibly misrepresented the Force Standing Orders No. 35 which is silent on the term of office for the Executive of the Association,” CFPWA said in a statement issued on Monday.

While maintaining that Brutus acted outside of his jurisdiction when he conducted the elections, the Caribbean Police Federation said the Deputy Commission of Police (ag) misguidance appears to be calculated as he tries to evade the instructions of the Rule Book, which stipulates that the Executive of the Police Association remain in office for a period of three years. According to CFPWA, the elections were held months ahead of his stipulated timeframe.

“The CFPWA maintains its position that the Acting Deputy Commissioner usurped the responsibility of the legitimate Chairman and called an election without the knowledge of the sitting Chairman Inspector Forde,” the association said.
It said based on information received, the Commissioner of Police, Nigel Hoppie directed Forde, on May 7, 2021, to host an election of the Association by May 11, 2021, and she compiled.


“Thus, on what grounds or executive fiat does the Acting Deputy Commissioner has to institute an election seemingly undermining the authority and instructions of the Commissioner ag. Hoppie and the role of the Chairman,” the association questioned.

It said that the retrenchment of Inspector Forde and her team is disturbing as it breaches Rule 10 (3).
“There is an apparent agenda to deprive the sitting executive of the of their legitimate expectation to serve a three-year term. This conundrum must be quickly addressed and corrected to avoid such reoccurrence,” the federation urged.

It added: “We are of the unshakable belief that these apparent preposterous acts of convenience and misconduct appear to be maliciously engineered and laced with the genuine fabric of deceit. There must be recalibration to promote welfare to the demise of unwarranted personal and political ambitions.”

It is therefore urging the Administration of the Guyana Police Force to swiftly rectify the issue.

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