Five youths were awarded on Friday with cash grants from the International Decade for People of African Descent Assembly -Guyana (IDPADA-G) to invest in their businesses. Clinton Samuels of COBBEC Vision received $500,000; Earlecia Hieronymo of Khayr Organics -$250,000; Brian Smith of Dragonfly Geospatial Aerial Productions – $150,000; Jermaine Hall of Country Boy Farming Supplies – $75,oo0; and Delon Simpson […]

It is an extremely difficult undertaking. Democracy is hard. This sentiment is not driven by any abhorrence for this form of government. On the contrary, in my judgment, it is the best form of government. However, love for this system should not preclude a critical examination of same. Achieving consensus on any matter of consequence from interests groups, who are […]

When Vladimir Putin announced his purported ‘Special Operation’ in the Donbass region, my mind immediately raced to the President of Ukraine. I was compelled to muster all of my knowledge to rationalize a circumstance where a former comedian with zero experience in political leadership, could stand a chance in hell against one of the world’s most seasoned, shrewd and vicious […]

A slew of nexuses has been drawn between Guyana’s border controversy with Venezuela and the Russia/Ukraine war. As someone who pays keen attention to the matter, I have been particularly struck by the suggestion that maybe we should start massive militarization and prepare to defend the homeland in the event of an invasion of Venezuela. At the risk of sounding […]

Drawing on the work of Plutarch’s ‘Lives of the Caesar’, William Shakespeare conceived of a literary masterpiece, ‘Julius Caesar’. In this play, there are noteworthy political lessons but for me, Marc Antony’s speech at Caesar’s funeral was the apogee of the literary mastery. Following the assassination of Caesar by conspirators such as Cassius and Brutus, the grand funeral was planned. […]

During a few outbursts in the Guyana Parliament, the glory of Queen’s College was unceremoniously invoked. Subsequently to the exchange that saw one school denigrated, a few anti-QC social media apparatchiks could not miss the opportunity to take their pound of flesh. As a result, several posts appeared on Meta that echoed the hackneyed myth about QC people being elitist, […]

Ever since the powerful international community interests made democracy the preferred governance model, most nations have been forced to get on board or face sanctions or international isolation. As a result, leaders with the most autocratic tendencies have been compelled to mask these tendencies for the sake of survival. Beneath the veneer of a seemingly dogged commitment to respecting the […]

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