…is the Prime Minister in trouble? On December 27th, 2021, political pundits in the English-speaking Caribbean were stunned by a surprising announcement. The larger-than-life and extremely popular Caribbean icon, Mia Mottley, called a snap election. With ginger beer and pepper still on their breath, Barbadians gasped for political air to digest the seeming imposition. What caused the Prime Minister who […]

Guyana’s ethnic polarization is an intense inferno that reaches astronomical temperatures. It is relentless and incessant to the point of numbing annoyance. It seems to be always fraught with the ubiquitous disdain for facts and historical truths that do not serve the various concocted narratives. The par for the course-Guyana story can be likened to a battlefield with regimented armies […]

It was quite regrettable to see the former Minister of Finance handcuffed and being treated as a common criminal. It was equally egregious to see Dr. Ashni Singh in the same circumstance a few years back. The two gentlemen ought to have been accorded some discretion due to their years of service to this nation. I readily accept that no […]

The imbroglio which erupted immediately after the 2020 elections placed the conscience of every Guyanese on trial. Our socialization, unconscious and conscious biases, our beliefs, values and ability to separate from the tribe were all placed to the test. It was akin to the final interview at the pearly gates. When the cold hard facts were presented to the tribal […]

—– the decline and fall of the general ‘The Last King of Scotland’ remains one of my all-time favourite movies. Not least because it brilliantly depicts the great ignominious exemplar of dictatorship in the form of Idi Amin, in his manic labyrinth but mostly because it captures the essence of wooden-headedness which is associated with enigmatic leaders who cannot be […]

Following the publication of last Sunday’s column in which I asserted that the maxim leader culture is irrevocably ingrained in all major parties in Guyana, I received an interesting call. The caller made known that he was struck by what he considered to be a blinkered view of the reality surrounding the issue. The top PNC/R official cajoled me to […]

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