At early stages in life, I found it difficult to fathom why my father consistently allowed me to face life challenges on my own. In the most desperate of times, this visionary compelled me to figure things out on my accord. I was often frustrated and sometimes emotionally distraught. The eureka moment came a few months into my stint in […]

If you are here for another tribal rant, you will be disappointed. I remain convinced that there exists a large swathe of Guyanese who have refused to succumb to tribal inclinations. They are like the captive people of Judah sitting by the rivers of Babylon awaiting leadership to take them to the promised land. They are tribe-less. They have been […]

….THE HARBINGER FOR TOTALITARIAN RULE I shall argue-those who carry out a wanton assault on truth at the highest level of the state apparatus are dabbling in the harbinger for totalitarian rule. In doing so, I shall draw attention to the denial of the existence of extrajudicial killings by the highest representation of power in the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. […]

Some of the arguments, tenets, conspiracies and suppositions being proffered by the philosophy of anti-vaxxism are gratuitous, fleeting, spurious and unmeritorious. Despite this, good leadership demands that their views and concerns are carefully and selectively woven into policy. The decision not to be vaccinated by those who medically can is not an individual decision, it is a communal decision. Hence, […]

On September 6th, against the backdrop of the remnants of the glorious Aztec empire, powerful interests of the Bolivarian Republic, Mexico, The Russian Federation, Norway and the Netherlands converged to continue the work of a historic peace deal. This event marked the second round of dialogues which commenced on August 13, 2021. The first round placed electoral timetables, lifting of […]

Nation-building in any circumstance is difficult. It is no easy task. It is hard and thankless work. Let alone societies where these proceedings are underpinned by tribal considerations. The minutiae of everyday life is subject to ethnic animus. It leaves leaders exhausted. Moderates give up and migrate. The population becomes weary of the insolvent and intractable wrangling which never seems […]

I continue to argue that despite Afghanistan being thousands of miles away and far removed from the Guyana reality, the negative exemplars on display are universal. The value of discourses on the proceedings over there is inestimable. There can no complaint about any amount of ink being utilized on the matter. Concerning this sentiment, my attention was drawn to public […]

Regrettable images of the gut-wrenching and calamitous proceedings in Afghanistan decorated all global media platforms during this week. The culmination of 20 years and two trillion dollars of US investment laid bare for all to see. It was a misadventure. The Taliban are back. Afghanistan remains the tribal intractable enigma that caused the mighty Soviet Union to whimper with tails […]

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