Disabuse yourself of the popular myth which suggests that Africans accepted their subjugation without a fight or offered little or no resistance. From their capture to non-arrival, arrival on the plantation and during slavery, there was the constant manifestation of the quest to assert their human dignity. Despite their captors being equipped with unrivaled military, economic and political might, the […]

Let’s be clear: racism and tribalism are learned behaviors that are often administered in the shadows, away from public view. Forget platitudinous public speeches. Disregard public displays of affection. Skip the propaganda. Eschew bold claims of not being racist. Pay little or no attention to those at public fora who grandiloquently proclaim to love all ethnic groups. Heed not the […]

Tribalism holds steadfastly to its narratives. It fables and myths and often time quasi-truths serve as daily sustenance. The tribesmen and women need their disinformation like they need the air. They demand their own facts. They insist on their own reality. They seek refuge and succor in selected twilight zones created by engineered facts. In addition, the truth is most […]

We were told that licks will be shared. We trembled. Fear and trepidation permeated the primary school air as the time became nigh. Common Entrance was upon us and we approached this academic milestone with the sacred promise issued at the teacher’s desk: once you do well, your life will be fulfilled and you will receive the job you desired. […]

…..Strategic decision-making and the Region 4 Declaration  Strong men rise from the ashes of rebellions and revolutions. They emerge after bloody battles with rivals. They are often forged in cataclysm. Above all, the state apparatus remains that eternal edifice that feeds their lust for power. But what happens when statesmen and stateswomen whose characters are far removed from the intricacies […]

Why the two major parties are never dead and will always remain permanent forces   Above, I have paraphrased Alexis de Tocqueville’s views on democracy. It was necessary to capture the essence of what I wish to discuss. Tribalism, as you would have observed. In the best sense of the word, it is that dogged and fatalistic commitment to one’s ethnic […]

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