By Shannae Trotz Substance abuse and consumption in schools are rampant issues that must be addressed. The words: “Say No to drugs” that are printed behind Government exercise books are simply not compelling enough to stop students from saying “Yes” to drugs and alcohol. During my high school years, I have witnessed my male and female colleagues consuming these substances […]

By Shannae Trotz    Many families have adopted the “Spare the rod and spoiled the child” narrative, so instead of sitting down and communicating with their child/children when they’ve displayed an unacceptable behaviour, they try to whip it out of them so they can stop. Our elders often say “We beat you because we love you”…. I’ve heard this line before […]

—urges more opportunities for youths  By Gabriella Chapman   The Calypso and Soca Monarch competitions have long been an important element in the Guyanese cultural events calendar, for both the seniors and juniors. Year after year, patrons look forward to the witty calypsos and the rejuvenating soca songs that are produced and released by local acts, who also look forward […]

By Shannae Trotz   Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it has forced us to accept a new normal. The air that we all so love and need, carries a virus that has the potential to erase an entire population. Outside became illegal to an extent, face masks have become an integral trend. Schools and colleges have been forced to close […]

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