Dwight Beaton determined to see his ‘Royal Events Planning’ business grow

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By Naomi Marshall

Excelling with ease in the décor industry in Guyana is Dwight Beaton, owner of ‘Royal Events Planning by Dwight Beaton’.

‘Royal Events Planning by Dwight Beaton’ is a décor company that provides personalised interior and exterior decoration services, making your dream a reality. The company offers services countrywide.

Twenty-eight-year old Beaton of Bartica, has been offering décor services for the past 12 years.


“I started my business in August 2008 and I started because I am a very creative person and I saw the need of quality décor at events here in Bartica. There was a void here in Bartica for it so being a creative person I took up the challenge and it is something that I always had the passions to do,” the entrepreneur said.

The Bartician who is also a fashion designer said that he has been a creative mind ever since he was a child.

“I was always a creative person even as a child. I could remember drawing from the age of six. It is something that comes naturally to me, it is not something that I have to force or be in a mood to do, decorating comes naturally to me,” he related.

Beaton shared that he grew up in a single parent household with his mom and two older siblings. After completing his secondary education at the ‘Three Miles Secondary School’ in Bartica, he immediately went into the creative industry.

He started off as a fashion designer and then got involved in décor, decorating for events hosted by his friends and family.

“After I started and realised there was a need for me to continue and other people started noticing the talent that I have and noticing the quality of the work, I started taking the business aspect of it more seriously and start researching about business procedures and how to handle a business,” Beaton explained.

Beaton related that customer satisfaction is very important to him and his company.

“I will never leave a venue or a booking without a costumer or a member of their team viewing the work and they have to be 100 percent satisfied with what I do or I will not stop, I will continue doing it until I make my costumer smile. It is like a magical part for me seeing my costumers light up with a smile,” he noted.

The young man said that his ultimate décor related goal for décor is own a banquet hall to accommodate the hosting of a wide array of events in Bartica.

His advice to persons interested in entering the décor industry is to be authentic.

Beaton advised, “If you wake up in the morning and you cannot think about anything else other than decorating well then you are supposed to be a decorator and you need to go and take up the challenge no matter what anybody is saying.”

He added, “Stay true to yourself, stay original and everything will fall into place. Always follow the pace and keep educating yourself on your craft because you could never learn enough.”

Dwight Beation can be contacted on WhatsApp on 6932873. He can also be reached on Facebook @ ‘Royal Events Planning by Dwight Beaton’.

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