Natassia, the gentle giant 

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Natassia Wright, Human Resource & Leadership Consultant, International Speaker, Author, Child of God, a quiet giant in the field of inspiration especially on social media has been taking the world by storm in her very own way.

Since the start of her company which was founded by both herself and her husband in 2013, Natassia has embraced her journey and is committed to sharing her story with the world. If you do not know ‘Momentum Mondays’, her Monday power packed and thought-provoking videos that are designed to stir you into productivity and positivity or ‘Mind Food’, then you must not be familiar with Instagram. Today Mind Food has 100 employees in Kingston Jamaica.

Appointed as a United Nations Peace Ambassador – NGO in October 2020, Ambassador Wright is quick to inform the public to not let the title fool you, her story is one of immense tragedy and triumph. Natassia recalls her experience as one that most people would not be able to withstand, at the age of 10 years old her house in her home town, Allman Town, was burnt to the ground from electrical problems.

Approximately 8 months after that fire her Dad, whom she describes as her hero was shot and killed in the line of duty as a police officer. She reflected that she started experiencing depression as she did not know how to cope with his sudden death. At age 16 while sitting her CXC exams, her mother died from an asthma attack. Though this unbelievably negative circumstance, Natassia still managed to bag all 8 cxc subjects with grades in ones and twos. Just when you would think it could not get any worse, her grandmother who was caring for her and her brother died soon after from a cancerous tumour.


When asked “What keeps you going?” she replied “I have the tremendous support of my husband and daughter. They are a constant reminder that I must keep going. I still have very low and hard days, but I know people are depending on me to show up to provide them with some form of inspiration so that they can continue their journey”. Natassia’s husband, Jamar Wright also co-founder of Mind Food International told McKoy News “Nas is a go-getter, a force to be reckoned with, her story is one of many challenges but because she has great faith and she is a hard worker, she can fight her way through anything.”

Natassia has had an undeniably successful 2021 despite the many COVID-19 related issues that people are faced with. She managed to travel overseas throughout the entire year to several seminars, conferences, and other speaking/training engagements. She mentioned that whenever face-to-face was not possible she and her husband would accommodate Corporate entities and varying businesses, even churches via online platforms. Mind Food International was also able to expand in the recruiting business being facilitated through her Human Resource expertise which caught fire among Jamaica’s corporate space. Their recruiting services is known to fill executive positions in as low as 7 -14 business days.

Despite Natassia’s success, her greatest quality is her desire to be impactful yet humble. The gentle giant as we dub her rarely speaks about the accomplishments but focuses on maintaining a great attitude through periods of adversity. In a calm way she expounded “For me the lessons along the way are much more valuable than getting to the finish line or the big win. For every period of adversity I would have gone through a process and I will never be the same after that. I would never want anyone to look at me and think my life is perfect so I make sure I mention the hard times as well. Unfortunately social media has a very thwarted reality so I do my best to make the conversions rounded”.

While her social media presence is known and felt, Natassia maintained that her husband is the marketing genius. “If I could disappear from social media for awhile I would, but given the nature of our business we have to be there as well to provide inspiration in the midst of skewed information and half truths. We are being the change ourselves instead of just talking about the problem.” She said. It appeared as though her introverted nature requires much alone time to recoup from making appearances on numerous platforms and event which sometimes exposes her to hundreds of people in one sitting. She further went on to say, on a giving week she may have up to 5 engagements per week.

Natassia is often referred to as an influencer, as with most media personalities but she shies away from the term which she believes the word is slowly missing value based on what people are glamourized for in recent times. “Apart of what I do is leadership development, if I can be a positive role model for a young lady to follow, then that makes me a positive influence and by no means am I perfect. I work on each platform to ensure just that, that there is positive representation for others to follow. My work speaks for itself” She further added.

Natassia can be found on Instagram @natassiawright and @mindfood_01, linkedin @natassiawright, youtube: natassiawright and For all bookings send email to or call 876-860-0507

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