Air traffic controller making sense of her own business  

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By Naomi Marshall 

After years of watching her mother create organic concoctions to care for their hair, Earlecia Hieronymo made the huge step to launch her beauty business.

In March 2020, Khayr Organics, a hair and skin care brand for men and women, was born. The nourishing self-care products trademarked, Khayr Organics, are all made from plant-based formulas designed by Hieronymo with a hint of love and good intentions.

Hieronymo started off the brand with the Basara Herbal Hair Growth Oil which she dedicated to the Basara women of Chad. She explained, “I came across a product called Chebe powder that the women in Chad used in their hair and they have really long hair. They are called the Basara women and they normally put the powder in their hair and braid it and so I was inspired to fuse the Chebe powder with other herbs and make my first oil, the Basara Herbal Hair Growth Oil.”


Launching the Basara Herbal Hair Growth Oil in March 2020 was met with much support followed by testimonies from customers of the oil doing miracles.

Subsequently, the brand saw a spike in demand for its oil. This motivated the 23-year-old to expand her business. Now, Khayr Organics offers a wide range of hair and skin care products that caters to persons of all race, gender, skin type and colour.

Products offered by the brand includes hair oils, hair rinse, shampoo bars, deep conditioner, beard oils, body wash, body scrub and body lotion among others.

According to the proprietor, a baby line will soon be added to the luxury brand’s catalog and customers with babies are anxiously awaiting the new addition.

Hieronymo noted that Khayr Organics’ popularity, clientele and brand loyalty has grown tremendously over the years. She also emphasized on how important customer service and satisfaction is to her.

“I have developed an enormous amount of brand loyalty which is important to me. I am serious when it comes to customer service because that is what I thrive on and I believe that is the reason for my brand loyalty along with working products,” she said.

However, the young entrepreneur shared that like any other business owner, she has encountered challenges with her business.

“When I started I did not know anything about business. I thought that business was buying, making something and selling. But as I got more into it and things started to grow I realised that I was running a ‘busy-ness’ and I did a lot of financial mistakes, a lot of mistakes in business that was not profitable,” Hieronymo explained.

Nevertheless, Hieronymo who hails from Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara was not discouraged but instead she was motivated to expand her knowledge on business. Along with doing research on business, the mother of one became a member of Action Coach Guyana, a business coaching and mentoring organisation which has benefited her tremendously.

Now, Hieronymo is encouraging business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in their knowledge on business.  “I do implore any entrepreneur in Guyana to invest in improving themselves and business. There is a lot to learn and a lot we can learn, invest in business coaching, the reality is that we do not have access to all the information and resources that we should have access to so business coaching helps put you on that spectrum,” Hieronymo posited.

Hieronymo who is an air traffic controller by profession is presently working on having her products available I supermarkets across Guyana. In the meantime, delivery services are available and interested persons can visit the brand’s online store, ;  its Instagram page @Khayrogx, or its Facebook page @Khayr Organics.

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