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Increasingly disillusioned are we, burdened by their unconscionable manoeuvres, fuelling this our conviction, that Thomas Hobbes was right. For in language painfully unambiguous, he articulated what we knew, but not courageous to confront, “Man’s desire knows no bounds. Man will never and can never be satisfied. Man’s existence is defined by his greed”

For the imagery reflects luxury, Hollywood type mega-mansions, erected in their gated Pradoville community. But even of Bill Gates’ wealth, more their selfish desires crave, of which a depraved Valedictorian Ali Baba and his Perverse, Plundering and Perfidious thieves masterminded the greatest NRF oil heist in history, clothed in an intellectually bankrupt budget.

But APNU+AFC, elected by the voiceless powerless, has been nothing short of a catastrophic failure, under the Leadership of Harmon and Granger. For in PPP we endured crisis after crisis, of which APNU+AFC remained irreversible comatose, so much so that many are of thought, that APNU+AFC, PPP and Su, cohabit the same corrupt political bed. For struggled we’ve to rationalise, what politician of the voiceless would defend an abysmal failure in Joe Harmon. A tragic failure in David Granger. An appalling failure in Dr. Nicolette Henry.

Dr. Nicolette Henry
For Dr. Nicolette Henry, was of hugs, kissers and tears, as she delivered her pretentious Parliamentary speech. But as the charade eventuated before our bewildered eyes, reflected we’ve on her failure to defend our children, whose futures are now a dark abyss.


And of aforementioned reflection, to the fore was an uncaring PPP, that educationally denied our children for 21+ months, and in so doing, reopened everything apart from schools and Dr. Henry’s glued lips. Then of no empathy for our long suffering children, reduced they were to $19,000 political pawns. But with WHO guidance daylight clear on safe reopening of schools, not a dime was spent on school safety, nonetheless they squandered $20B on a carcass Sugar Industry. And not contented with our children’s psychological scars, heartlessly they packed them, breaking laws in the process, into Covid-19 classrooms, of which hundreds were infected, even as many died. But unknown are the long term complications of Covid-19, nonetheless Post-Acute Covid of cognitive ramifications, awaits our sons and daughters. Nevertheless, despite the aforestated persecutions, Dr. Henry was MIA, implicit consent for PPP to immobilise social mobility.

Notwithstanding, week after week counting years, these columns provided warnings, but Dr. Henry was tethered by selective mutism. But even with selective mutism her burden, the World Bank Report should’ve been an awakening. Sadly it never did. So it was on this backdrop, Dr. Henry took to the podium, awash in crocodile tears, but of dry eyes for our children. Thus of dreams I dreamt, of Parliament exploding with lower socioeconomic children, greeting Dr. Henry with loud boos, drowning out her harangue and the applauses of her clueless colleagues. But sadly there were no boos, with the queues offering hugs and kisses, extended to hell.

Joe Harmon
And this Joe Harmon is like concentrated hydrogen sulphide, protein rich intestinal gas, that hangs around a little longer than one would wish. For an abysmal failure is he, invisible as PPP waterboarded us, but of the rare Jesuit appearance, Granger prayerful he would be of clasp hands. Thus, of his perennial phantom nonexistent, many were of concern that he may have overindulged in Granger’s vanishing cream. But that turned out to be selective, for invisibility transitioned visibility, as sleepy Joe fought tooth and nail for his Parliamentary seat, even as many of self-interest, pledged allegiance to these epic derelictions. So incumbent it’s that Aubrey Norton’s coronation be of minimal entanglements, initiating the process of regaining the masses confidence. And for this reason, he should be empowered Representative of the List, so that recalcitrant MPs of blinded allegiance to the inept threesome, are recalled forthright.

But in Manickchand we’ve one who is spectacularly clueless, so much so that many questioned if she just feign stupid or plain stupid. Thus reflected for answers we did, dismounting at conclusion that diabolical advice maybe hers, in which case those advisers should be of naked public Taliban whippings. Nonetheless, of stain clueless, instructions were hers to deliver, thus into these columns she delved, with Sundays being of prayerful pilfering. For these columns proffered a tablet per child, of which Priya took inseparable ownership, with many being of conviction that she carried it for nine months. Then ad nauseam, these columns alluded to UNICEF, schools reopened first and closed last policy, now Priya embraces and romanticise, like a long lost lover.

So it was on this excrement stained backdrop, the brainless and shameless PPP Machiavellian Nadir Speaker, overpowered by his stench miasma on the PPP Mace, provided Priya the budget podium, to colonic flora desecrate. And immediately, incontinent diarrhoeal mumbo jumbo exited her mouth, of PPP policies and programmes rescuing our children. Thus many were of bated breath, awaiting enlightenment, but Priya had none to share for none existed.

Nevertheless, Priya remained of original ideas, thus mandated she was to lubricate her rusted cognition, of which extra-lessons via the learning channel were proposed to remedy our children’s education deficit. But such incinerable rubbish evidenced a nonexistent analytical cerebrum, for classes are of thirteen grades, of which the learning channel must accommodate. Above all, with extra-lessons being after school, the logistics of accommodating all, in limited time, compounded by regular PPP blackouts, will be a daily impossibility.

And with the World Bank having tagged the PPP virtual education, being of the lowest uptake in the Region, that should’ve made it an automatic exclusion. Finally, of the concepts intensive margin, speaking to what students learnt and extensive margins, the percentage that participated, of which both perform poorly in virtual education when compared to face to face teaching.

Therefore, with our children having been education denied for nearly two years, only a delinquent dotard would choose a teaching modality, destined to fail. Thus, these columns’ recommendation of face to face teaching, daily extended for an hour, augmented by reduced school holidays, should be of serious consideration, But of Pilfering Priya’s sedating hogwash, the PPP Speaker transitioned Sleeper, thus she was unchecked in her desecrations, arguing that PPP reopening of schools was consistent with the rest of the world. And exhausted with efforts to get it into her bonehead, I shall simply state, Priya you’re a dunce. Then of a welcomed conclusion, Pilfering Priya boasted that our children’s academic successes are assured, for she guarantees internet and electricity. So wondered I did, if someone would be so kind as to attached electrodes to her scalp, for most certainly she needs ECT to reset her dysfunctional brain.

Thus of APNU+AFC I implore, allegiance should be to the Constitution. Service should be to your employers, the voters, and not oneself. Allegiance shouldn’t be to leaders, for they’re transient.

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