Politics over lives

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And right before our very eyes, the consequences of PPP Covid-19 mismanagement is unfolding, with GPHC of a skeleton staff joining a long list of catastrophes. In fact, this most seismic healthcare collapse, of never before seen magnitude, necessitates a root branch analysis of their actions and inactions, over the past 2 years.

Mitigation approach 
For the mountain tops they’ve ascended, exhaling in brainless unison way too many witless vociferations, that our deadly Omicron crisis should be of comfort, since it registers globally. But in articulating that most fallacious of non-argument, in the most inescapable arrogant demeanour, evidence blinded they’re to our postulations.

Thus, perspectives we shall furnish, in providing meaning to mitigation, which speaks to interventions that serve to reduce the impact of a negative event. For most certainly, this is what the science informs, of the world-over being of mitigations against this deadly virus.

Missing approach 
But PPP of a clueless missing Covid-19 management, brainlessly erected barricades of paper, foolishly gambling that the virus will be impeded, causative to maximal mortality and morbidity with minimal viral effort. Then with the inevitable revelation of the tragic death list, their apologists blinded by race or rewards, would argue that we aren’t alone. But interrogation of companionship we never did, rather our argument was and still is, mitigations would’ve reduced the burden of the virus. Thus, into the eye of this Covid-19 storm we must delve, with this our futuristic retro-scope, to undertake a public exhumation of their deadly actions.


And of first stop, GPHC gates of ground zero, to undertake a forensic examination with this our avant-garde retro-scope. Then of initial step, our retro-scope is positioned zoom, providing clarity to the large prison locks on the gates. Thus the magnification we reduced, adjusting then readjusting view to panoramic, providing the painful imagery of healthcare professionals exposed to the elements, having been locked out. But such painful imageries are with a mental toll, thus lens were redirected and focused on the atmosphere, revealing unmistakable dancing pathogens, evidencing a deadly pandemic.

Human Resources 
And for these reasons a recess was had, explorative to the HR Manual for dummies, of aim to inform and reform. So perused it was, but of intrigue, tunnel visioned was on employees’ respect, with emphasis that they’re the backbone of the organisation. Then of such internalisation, reflection and question;

Was PPP disrespect of healthcare professionals consistent with Human Resources practice?

Agents of respect 
Thereupon, to that brief reflective pause, the retro-scope was once again redirected onto the hospital gates. But even unarmed of zoom or focus, the visuals surrendered jaws to Newtonian gravity. For foreign men and women of recruitment agencies, with deep British and American accents, were politely communicating with our healthcare professionals- “Come join us, the renumeration is 1000 times better, of incomparable respect.”And with such a false dilemma, many exchanged the locked gates for the open planes, thus this our query,

Can we blame them for leaving?

In fact, most certainly this matter is beyond the limited analytical capabilities of their local quasi-academic, thus a second reflective engagement we undertook, to provide that desperately needed clarity. So of relationships we pondered, of all and many, employment, romantic etc, delivering conclusion that PPP most certainly should’ve known, based on prior experiences, that abuses in a relationship will inevitably lead to it’s breakdown. For a no-brainer it should be to the brainless, that locking ones wife out of the matrimonial bedroom will most likely culminate in a divorce, and her seeking companionship elsewhere. So obvious it should’ve been that locking the Nurses out of the hospitals would result in an exodus, that we can least afford.

Thus, the nostalgic path of childhood escapades we must revisit, recollecting those days of mudded yard frolic. And at the conclusion of those playful days, rushed to the open doors we did, only to be thwarted by a doormat and whip. For the assumption was and still is, being in the mudded yard, some will be of pedal mud. But mitigating against a house of mud, all were assumed to be of soiled feet, thus all paused to wipe, enforced with a whip.

For this we know, Omicron fills our atmosphere, of which the healthcare professionals wade through, to arrive at our places of healing. So likely on arrival, they’re clothed with Omicron particles, which of inevitable breathing, some may well be transported into their lungs. But the dilemma is, those with Omicron in their inflated lungs wouldn’t be of expressed symptoms, at least not in the early stage. So the assumption must be, they’re all with Omicron seated in their breathing apparatus, mandating mitigation through daily screening. Rapid Antigen Testing.

More PPP incompetence 
But for PPP incompetence, healthcare professionals aren’t being screened, therefore they unwittingly infect patients and colleagues, explanatory to the crisis in our hospitals-A tragic failure in duty of care.

And in this context, duty of care is the legal obligation to safeguard the health and safety of employees and patients. Thus from an individual perspective, it entails staff mitigating for patients’ welfare eg, washing of hands. While at an organisational level, hospitals have a duty of care to protect employees and service users, from Covid-19. And thereunder are some mitigating interventions

1. Daily screening of all employees.

2. Adequate hand washing and sanitiser

3. Minimise visitors to the wards

4. Ensure safe staff numbers.

5. PPE

6. Approved Covid-19 vaccines

7. Risk assessments

But unfortunately of PPP missing mitigations, Omicron is free to inflict large scale Covid-19 assaults, on both staff and patients, even as PPP focuses on political revenge, contracts for their cronies while enjoying the proceeds of grand corruption. Thus, this we now face, a collapsing healthcare sector, evidenced in GPHC of multifactorial aetiology;

1. Mass resignations down to PPP high handed and disrespectful Covid-19 approach.

2. Those remaining becoming victims of PPP Covid-19 crisis.

3. No workforce planning during the disastrous 23yrs.

But PPP is unbothered for their healthcare is in foreign lands, not afforded to us, thus with our lives we pay.

Now further compounding the troubles at GPHC is the installed Chairman, Dr. Ramsammy a spectacular failure as Health Minister. For the hospital is in Hiroshima level crisis, but leadership and solutions are patently absent, rather the toddler level blame shifting of PPP we see, with schoolboy bully threats of zero tolerance. So to his face I will vociferate, of face-mask unguarded passion, have zero tolerance to the incompetence pervasive in PPP.

So now many are with question, how many Rapid Antigen Test are purchasable with $14B?- 8.5 million.

Surely our healthcare staff deserve better?

Surely our patients deserve better?

Surely our children deserve better?

Surely, PPP £14B wastage on the Sugar Industry, can’t be justified. POLITICS OVER LIVES!

And yes, this column was penned for your bedsides, to provide a daily reminder, before you next cast your ballot.

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