How to Remove Stains From Mirrors?

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From Bond Cleaning Adelaide (Sept 2020)

When people clean their mirror, one of the most common problems that everyone face is the stains on the mirror such as hairspray, greasy fingerprints and toothpaste stains. Your mirror will not look sparkling clean until you remove these stains from the surface of the mirror.

Look for All the Stains- First, scan the entire mirror and look for all kind of stains that you want to remove. Do it thoroughly as you don’t want to miss any stains and repeat the process. To avoid streaking, it is essential that you remove the stains before cleaning the mirror.

Use Rubbing Alcohol to Clean the Stains– Take a small cotton pad and pour some rubbing alcohol on it to soak the pad. Then dab the stains on your mirror with a soaked cotton pad and rub the spot until you remove the stain. You might need to pour the rubbing alcohol more than once as it dries quickly.


Use a Toothbrush to Clean the Corners– A lot of dirt and grime accumulate in the corners of your mirror. The best cleaning tool to clean the corners is an old toothbrush. All you need to do is to dampen the toothbrush with rubbing alcohol. Then use the brush to scrub the mirror corners.

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