For Our People, Let Us Cooperate for Guyana

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Distinguished Editor,

Permit me space within your noble columns to address a matter of National
importance. Like many young professionals fortunate to call Guyana home, I cannot
help but marvel at the current trajectory of our country. Our forefathers must be
rejoicing as they look upon us and see our dear land of Guyana finally positioned to
reap the fruits of our bountiful resources and stand tall in our region and the world.
Guyana was birthed rich in every aspect of her physical, spiritual and human
composition. It is no secret that our country has been truly blessed with an abundance
of natural resources that once responsibly developed can only lead to the creation of a
truly great and prosperous land. Even as I write this letter, my mind echoes with
national songs which glorify our land; its resources, its beauty and of course the
people. Oh Guyana, Oh Beautiful Guyana. Oh, Guyana Independent and Free Oh
Guyana, Oh Beautiful Guyana!

As citizens of this great land; we have inherited a patrimony that is worth fighting for.
Like many of my country men and women, I stand ready and committed to do the work
and make the sacrifice that will ensure that our country and its resources are developed
for all the people of Guyana. I like many others, stand ready to do the due-diligence
to ensure that the riches that accrue from this patrimony, transforms our country from
an underdeveloped nation into an essential first world state.
It gives me great pride, and a privilege second to none, being a part of such a
movement, at such an interesting time in our country’s history. As we celebrate
another anniversary of Guyana as an independent state, I think it is incumbent on all
of us that we not forget the sacrifices made by those that went before us. Like our
national anthem remind us; we are born of their sacrifice, heirs of their pains, and ours
is the glory, their eyes did not see…

As we stand on the forefront of this great transformation, we are plagued by our own
manmade obstacles. History has taught us that the only thing that can stop massive
development is the people who are entrusted to manage that development. If those
entrusted with leadership and governance squander or steal our patrimony or are poor
stewards and fail to govern in the interest of all the people of Guyana, then that
promised great transformation will elude us.


As a young servant leader, I call on all Guyanese to take stock of what is happening in
our country and what is being done by our leaders in our name. It is important that we
make it clear to those that lead us that the current harvest before us does not belong
to any one group of Guyanese; rather, it belongs to all Guyanese!

My message as we celebrate another anniversary of our independence is that what
belongs to Guyana, belongs to all Guyanese. Until those in honourable seats of power
can show maturity to all Guyanese, then what is rightfully ours will be taken from us.
For our people, let us cooperate for Guyana. Now is not the time for elephants to trample the grass. It is the time for us to cooperate for Guyana. It is a time to
strengthen, enhance and diversify all industries, whether it be natural resources,
agriculture, infrastructure, education, health or finance.

To our respected elders; our honourable leaders, our captains of industries and to you
my fellow countrymen and women, now is our time to show the world what Guyana is
truly capable of doing. Now is the time to set aside all differences and all past
transgressions. You cannot progress from a position within the past, nor can you
progress with holding on to the past. For a prosperous future, only a united people can
thrive. Unconditional unity shall be our marshal weapon, and needless to say, however
it is repackaged, either under one benab or one Guyana, we will always be one people,
one nation working towards one destiny.

So, let us cooperate for Guyana, let us cooperate for the land, let us resolve to fight
together, see we do it right together. Can we, do it? YES, WE CAN!!!

Daniel A. Seeram. J.P.
Regional Chairman
Region No.4

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