‘Daughters of Zion Hair and Skincare’ products making waves on local market

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By Naomi Marshall

Over the years, more and more women have chosen to start their own businesses and have been prospering in the entrepreneurship realm as they diversify the sector with their presence, ideas and strategies.

Among Guyana’s women in business are Dr. Amanda Fredericks and final year tourism student at the University of Guyana, Stephanie Noble who are the owners of ‘Daughters of Zion Hair and Skincare’.
The two women teamed up back in November 2020 to start a natural hair and skincare brand that offers products made of natural and safe ingredients for persons of any race, colour and gender. The brand also caters for persons with chemically treated hair and those with sensitive skin.

The Daughters of Zion Haircare line includes the Chebe Butter, Deep Conditioner, Black Soap Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Growth Oil, Wild Growth Oil, Beard Oil and Beard Conditioner.


Meanwhile, the skincare line includes the Cinnamon Spice Body Butter, Turmeric Body Scrub and Turmeric Body wash.

Daughters of Zion also offer facials, scalp massages and treatments.

The union between the two young women began through a mutual friend. During a car ride in November 2020, the two shared their likings in taking care of their hair using natural ingredients only. At the time, both parties were making their own hair products for their own use for years. It was during that car ride that they decided to collaborate and start ‘Daughters of Zion’.


It has been said that the success of a business and customer care are entwined. It is for this reason satisfying customers through providing excellent services and products is important for the ‘Daughters of Zion’.

In an interview with Village Voice News, Dr. Fredericks elaborated on how important customer care is to a business and how it boosted their (Dr. Fredericks and Noble) business.

“What we try to do at Daughters of Zion is to make our products based on our customers’ need. If we have a particular line and a customer might have allergy to an ingredient, on request, we curtail that product just for that client,” 30-year-old Dr. Fredericks related.

“So I think what makes us stand out is that we look for the customers’ need and we work with our products to suit our customer. We have a lot of returning customers because of the service we offer and the quality of our products. We please our customers in a positive way,” she added.

According to Fredericks, ‘Daughters of Zion’ has made tremendous growth over the years. The company went from producing products on orders to producing batches every six weeks. She noted that the company’s clientele has also grown significantly and even includes international customers.

She went on to say, “In our early stage we started out word of mouth. People use to place orders there via WhatsApp and our contacts would spread the word to their friends, family and neighbours and that is how we got customers. Now we have established our website, daughtersofziongy.com and we promote our business via Facebook and Instagram”.

Fredericks and Noble are working toward opening an establishment for their business which will consist of a storefront integrated with a salon.

“We did not anticipate for the business to go beyond a certain point but because of the attention the business have been getting, we are now getting to take it a little further in the future. We are hoping to have our own establishment with a storefront and a salon integrated. We find that some of our customers use the products but they also wanting someone who is specialized in natural haircare and so we want to provide products and services at one place,” Fredericks indicated.

Fredericks is encouraging youths and persons looking to enter the entrepreneurship sector to attend business seminars and do a lot of networking, which she said would be of great benefit through one’s journey in the business sector.

Daughters of Zion Hair and Skin Care Products can be purchased from the New Elegance Salon located on Croal Street, Georgetown. Persons can make orders via the https://www.daughtersofziongy.com/s/shop website or on Facebook and Instagram @Daughters of Zion Hair and Skin Care Products. Dr. Fredericks and Noble can be contacted on 6286580 and 6479852 respectively.

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