President Ali is a world class fudger; a peerless verbal acrobat

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Dear Editor,

It is one thing for a national leader to engage in deceptions at home, but an unbelievable one, for that same leader to travel to arguably the most public, if not most recognised, forum in the world, and peddle those same monstrous deceptions. This was what Guyana’s President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali journeyed to the United Nations and delivered. He picked a programme, one which few could have any problems, cast any stones, raise objecting finger: the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action. Interestingly, Guyana’s head of state found it fitting to shelter under a commitment to its theme of “Reparations, racial justice, and equality for people of African descent.”

Editor, President Ali might think that public verbal gargles and rinses such as these fool people. He fools himself, since few Guyanese believe him or his commitments. He has honoured those in the breach, failed to deliver in Guyana on many things, two of which are racial justice and equality for black citizens. His house people (black) knows this, because of having to keep their mouths shut, because of fear of losing their favors. Silence is one the favours they strive hard to maintain, with which they do well, and prosper in the process, at the expense of first black brethren, brown ones, too.

But this is about President Ali and his now globally broadcast hypocrisies of “racial justice and equality for people of African descent.” It would be helpful if the President could be honest, today, and tell Guyana how this could be, when the greatest percentage of this country’s wealth is owned and occupied, controlled and directed, by people of non-African descent. I make things better and clearer for President Ali and his brigades of fawning sycophants (self-serving black ones, especially), by pressing them to tell Guyanese and the world how and why the people who monopolize the natural resources endowments of this nation, its productive lands, its rich promises, do not have one person of African descent among the ranks of the 20-25 Guyanese who have been gifted enormous portions of the patrimony of the people, who have sowed the soil of Guyana with their blood, sweat, and tears. Tell us about those blacks selectively targeted, terminated. Tell Guyana about that commitment.


Because Guyana’s President Ali is a world class fudger, a peerless verbal acrobat, he should have little difficulty explaining just how and why this could be so, and that he and his self-enriching government sees no racial injustice in that, no smidgen of inequality. Since President Ali is gifted with the wrong attributes-massaging truth, rearranging reality, erecting smokescreens-this should be an easy spinning exercise. Except that his deceptive promises, his empty rhetoric, will now fail him. The facts are not his side; neither are the awards that favor his chosen, the exclusions that disadvantage mainly one people -the same downtrodden people of African descent, who he wishes would grovel before himself and his VP, as if plantation days are still here.

GHK Lall

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