A nonexistent Public Health Policy and Covid-19

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The numbers getting worse by the month. PPP making them worse by the day. For as we lower our loved ones into graves, PPP lowers their baits into fishing ponds. Surely callous. Certainly their DNA. The DNA of those now masquerade as PPP. For Dr. Jagan’s PPP, lived and died working class. Too humane to have watched us die. But they transformed his PPP to a gang of money grabbers. A party that positioned dollars over deaths. Cash over Covid. Livelihood over lives. For we’re in a state of crisis. Deadly crisis. Our people are dying. By the hundreds. While they line their pockets deep. By the billions.


For our creation is a marvel. Brilliant beyond our brilliance. But our body so created, is complexly simple. Complex enzymic accelerators. Hormones homeostasis. Socketed cameras to visualise. Cranial computers to perceive. Protective skin. But despite our complexities, we were vulnerably simple. For microbes could easily return us to dust. And for this reason we evolved a sophisticated immune-system of adaptive immunity.

And this adaptive immunity is ours from either of two routes. Prevailing is intimacy between microbes and immune-system. Starting with microbes invasion setting off internal alarms. Alerting our commandos. Neutralising antibody producing B-cells. Killer T-cells armed with immune AK-47. In communication with futuristic chemical bluetooth. But this internal combat while beyond our imagery, is visually discernible by symptomatology. Fever. Lethargy. Body-aches. Sweating. And if our immune-system prevails, the POWs are interrogated where extracted data informs adaptive immunity. Our defences against future attacks which rarely ever warrant commander’s symptomatic attention, apart from the occasional and arrogantly brief Vini Vidi Vici.

But occasionally, intimacy between microbes and immune-system isn’t an option, mandating an alternative route to adaptive immunity. Vaccination. For vaccination readies the immune-system by mimicking the microbe minus it’s lethality.

Covid deaths

Admittedly, Covid’s infectivity tortures us captive in this pandemic, but dead captives we are, for the lackadaisical leadership is fishing.

So transitioned we have to the hypothetical world of Skyland. A country populated by 10B and Covid, a new arrival. But Skyland’s leaders anticipated Covid so immediately actuated vaccination for which, 1B were vaccinated leaving Covid 9B to infect. 2B vaccinated leaving Covid 8B to infect. 3B vaccinated leaving Covid 7B to infect. And here is the maths. As vaccination numbers increase, Covid infections and deaths decrease. But not in Guyana.

Then at a critical number of vaccinations, infections and deaths will plateau, ultimately down to zero because the infected can’t infect, for immunised we are. And this phenomenon is designated dead-end host, the secondary endpoint of vaccination. But gloomily, evident after PPP 200,000 vaccinations, we are dying at increasingly alarming numbers, inconsistent with international patterns. Why?

Vaccine repertoire 

Covaxin: Indian developed. Unthinkably, provided with Indian Government emergency approval, as an experimental vaccine. And with approval, vaccination started. Indian protestations followed and Covaxin landed in third-world countries to vaccinate their unsuspecting populace. PPP pocketed 500,000 doses but objections in this column led to disappearance and silence. So with our people dying, we beg to ask.
Can PPP publicly state what is the status of their 500,000 doses?

If PPP is in possession of Covaxin, can they be publicly audited and burnt, to reassure the populace?

Sinopharm: Chinese developed. Tried a similar Covaxin trick. PPP pocketed 50,000 doses without data, despite objections in this column. But the Chinese ultimate aim was to gain WHO approval for their vaccine. Therefore, as PPP vaccinated us with their experimental vaccine, they gathered data. This data they presented to WHO, gaining approval three weeks ago albeit being administered unapproved in Guyana for 4 months. But inescapable is the fact that capitalising on third-world countries’ populations as guinea pigs, isn’t comparable to closely monitored clinical trials. Hence doubts remain on Sinopharm.

Sputnik V: This is Russian developed that also rushed to premature Russian approval. But unlike Covaxin, they continued their clinical trials. Not WHO approved.

Oxford-AstraZeneca: This is British developed by Oxford University. Completed all clinical trials and was one of the first vaccines to gain WHO approval. Unfortunately, it’s PR on extremely rare blood clots, was poorly managed.

Conclusion: Apart from Oxford-AstraZeneca, all the vaccines in PPP vaccination programme are questionable. Astonishingly, only Oxford-AstraZeneca was tested efficacious against the variants.

Public Health Measures 

Public Health measures include face-mask, social distancing, crowd restrictions, quarantining, shielding, isolating and lockdowns which all require enforcement by enacting time-limited laws, since humans are instinctively renegades.

But PPP distracted by their big money heist aren’t of such an ilk. For minimal efforts they’ve made at enforcing such measures which is an astonishing abdication of duty. For in their money vertiginous state, we’re responsible for enforcing these measures hence failures are down to a “lax populace.”  Also in their intoxicated minds, APNU-AFC is responsible for their Covid policy hence all failures they’ve laid at APNU+AFC doorsteps. And as these “two entities failed” PPP rewarded themselves Covid credits for their intellectually sterile argument that increased testing contributed to increased deaths.

But disreputably, PPP took their depravity to never before seen depths, in politicising Covid. For transgressions of such magnitudes cannot be ignored for their nefarious frequency.

So shielded by Parliament, the stage Dr. Anthony ascended the stage to obnoxiously reveal the Covid results of Sherod Duncan MP and Christopher Jones MP. And their crime was to recuperate from Covid, isolated as prescribed by NCTF and being of the APNU+AFC genre. But brainlessly incompetent, he never contemplated how his Covid politicisation could impact public confidence in Covid testing and vaccination. In fact, those results he bellowed were none of his business rather a matter for NCTF.

Notwithstanding, Dr. Anthony can maintain the confidence of his political kin. For Dr. Seepersaud Chatterdeo, Dr. Vindya Persaud and I are medical school batch-mates. And subsequent to Dr. Anthony’s unethical parliamentary revelation, Dr. Chatterdeo died of Covid, mandating immediate contact tracing and quarantining.

But I was reliably informed of Dr. Chatterdeo’s cause of death, hours after he died. Astonishingly, both Dr. Anthony and PPP-NCTF were feigning ignorance in their public silence, for over four days. So publicly I went to initiate the contact tracing process, abdicated by NCTF, and in so doing discovered that Dr. Chatterdeo’s nurse was oblivious to his diagnosis.

Then six days later, Balwant Singh Hospital and Dr. Anthony provided statements of awaiting post-mortem results. The fact is, contact tracing and quarantining should’ve been initiated immediately, for every day delayed translated to potentially hundreds infected. And inconceivable to us, how did they sleep knowing vulnerable children were involved?


For this the medical query, why we die as they vaccinate? The answer is three fold.

PPP ineffective vaccines, bar Oxford-AstraZeneca, against Covid/variants.

A nonexistent Public Health Policy.

Politicisation of Covid

And for these, daily we die and will continue to die, for PPP made us all sitting ducks. Surely those in the afterlife are begging to know, PPP how does it feel to still be able to breathe? For 400 of us surely can’t.

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