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And this is my perennial disquietude, who or what can perform a deep-sea political salvage of PPP? For this demise doesn’t warrant a post-mortem, for astute minds can differentiate causation from association. Notwithstanding, admission is mine that many explanatory hypotheses have been resident idle in my grey-matter. But rumination, not cattle related, did refocus my intellect to a Pradoville associated inhaled sea-salt underpinning. But such an illumination, require your indulgence, which humbly I beseech.

Unquestionably, applicable in this pedagogic epistle is Dewey’s constructivist theory which requisite prior knowledge, for which observations of accelerated sea-salt metallic corrosion, serving as the edification scaffolding. Moreover, building on this constructivism concept, notwithstanding lubrication, corrosion is irreversible with inevitable mechanical incompetence ensuing.

For the aforementioned informs the pathophysiological framework, underpinning PPP incompetence. Fundamentally, inhaled salt concentrated sea air, diffuses across the lungs’ semi-permeable membranes, dissolving in the bloodstream before permeating organs via microscopic capillaries. But with salt being neurotoxic, neuro-corrosion rapidly overtakes PPP limited thought faculties, for which reversibility fails, even with the lubrication powerhouse, Exxon. Thereupon, blinding incompetence pervades

 Inhale Teixeira  


And this blinding incompetence was laid bare in two recent Village Voice News accounts. For the narrative was one of a Joe Harmon polite reminder to Manzoor Nadir, ‘The Sleeper of the National Assembly’, that it’s narcoleptic state has had over 81 days expiration. Bharrat Jagdeo, displaying pathognomonic features of a corroded thought faculty, completely missed the point and context in rushing to inform Joe Harmon that he lacks the moral authority to speak on such matters, since APNU+AFC did worse. So query I did, of the keeper of black-books, if APNU+AFC did worse, does this justify PPP outperforming them? But thankfully my memory being vodka clear did remind me that the doors of Parliament, under APNU+AFC, were glued consequence of a NCM for which ungluing was dependent on an election or an agreement between leading political minds, for which the very Jagdeo stated, over my dead body. So with APNU+AFC rationale re-infused in thought faculties, the pertinent question is, why PPP has more fear of Parliament than nights in their jungled cemeteries?

But then PPP Chief Whip Gail Teixeira, politically comatose after the NCM, answered in the most gratuitously impetuous deportment, the Jagdeo directed question, and in so doing sublimely exceeded Dr. Anthony, on the buffoonery scale. For Dr. Anthony record is one of stupendously stuporous magnitude, only surpassable by a seismically clueless calamitous effort. And surely Mrs. Teixeira is of such ilk. For her exposition for the glued Parliament is one of PPP prerequisite time and space to focus on Covid, without Parliamentary distracting oversight. Surely, this must be the most combustible nonsense ever spoken, since man evolved bipedal.

The fact is, the rest of the Caribbean is managing Covid while simultaneously managing other matters of the State. America is managing Covid even as the House and Senate address matters of the State. Britain is managing Covid even as the Commons provides oversight to Boris Johnson’s Government. Canada is managing Covid even as Parliament debates matters of the State. India is managing Covid even as Parliament debates billions for Modi’s mansion. The Palestinians and Israelis are managing Covid even as they address other matters of the State. So why can’t PPP?

The numbers  

In fact, with devotion to Covid, the minimum the masses expected was the development of a de novo, Sputnik-PPP Covid vaccines. But that was not to be, begging the question, why has PPP preferred laboratory over legislature? Certainly, such answers mandate numbers analysis, which once again I’ve pilfered from Village Voice News. For a recap would painfully remind us that we had record Covid deaths in January, February and March which was doubled in April. To date, 26 days into May, we have set a new record.  Further, analysis of Regional patterns have Region 4 consistently as the top Covid hotspot, which may explain PPP Parliamentary lockdown. Furthermore, the prior months death patterns, across all age spectra, remain high.  Dr. Anthony’s vaccination report outlined to date, 66.2% over 60yrs have had their first vaccine. 40-59yrs-33.7%. And 18-39yrs-27.2%. But this update critically fell short of acknowledging and explaining the concerning exponentially increasing Covid deaths, month after month despite vaccination. And with no acknowledgement there weren’t plans to curb these deaths.

Then Dr. Anthony clumsily attempted to rationalise the increasing infections among the young, while tiptoeing around the increasing deaths. “When we look at the number of new infections that have been occurring, we’re seeing that those new cases are predominantly between 18 and 40. So, this group is more vulnerable to the infection because they’re more active, they’re moving around, they’re coming in contact with persons who are positive”. The conclusion came with an appeal to the young to be vaccinated. But once again, Dr. Anthony missed multiple opportunities to educate the young. For he should have also appealed for face-mask compliance. For social distancing. For avoiding crowds. For closed airports. For lockdowns. For vaccines take months for full effect hence vaccination should be married to Public Health Practise.

Notwithstanding, Dr. Ramsammy prior near death experience when Dr. Anthony inserted politics into Covid, Dr. Anthony inexplicably repeated his indiscretion. “We continue to urge the leadership in Region 10, persons who have influence in the community, to advocate so that people can go out and get their vaccines. We’re seeing an increase in cases in Region Ten as well, we have right now more than 140 active cases in Region 10, and there are communities where we’ve seen more than 50 cases.” Surely, PPP is in charge of all of Guyana; albeit illegitimately. Note: PPP should insert thoughts and not politics into Covid.


Clearly PPP legislature lockdown has failed, for once again there are record deaths this month, which once again mandates professional guidance.

Stop politicisation of Covid and develop a national approach to Covid management.

Vaccination must be in conjunction with Public Health Measures. Vaccines should’ve good efficacy against variants.

Lockdown country and not Parliament. Close all airports. Lives over livelihood.

Have user friendly vaccination centres. Presently users have to broadcast to cocked ears, sensitive details of their medical history. For such a practice will surely demotivate many, including HIV, mental health illness etc, from vaccination.

Abort the victimhood mentality, for the only victims are the infected and dead. Further, our Covid catastrophe demands thinking out of the box which may include,

Vaccination linked raffles with prizes to attract the young. Likewise vaccination linked raffles with prizes to attract seniors.

Financial incentivised vaccination.

With the citizenry not going to the vaccination centres, the vaccination centre must go to them. Vaccine on wheels.

Vaccination at places of work incentivised with free lunches.


Have a designated vaccination day.


Thankfully, there is more to a country than Covid. And for this, the rest of the world has Parliamentary oversight, except PPP.  And with the Speaker rightly challenged, Jagdeo provided a toddler level answer, “Mom, Joe did worse.”  But this is much deeper. Covid has now gone beyond a national catastrophe. A forewarned PPP went fishing. An opened Parliament would demand answers for the populace. Hence the reasoned it’s glued. Further evidence of PPP scant regards for us.

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