‘Melaninaire’ aims to develop a ‘Black Excellence’ culture in Guyana 

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By Gabriella Chapman  

CEO/Founder of Melaninaire, Kevonna Glenn

In a society where women are frequently an oppressed group, it is twice as difficult to lead the kind of life one truly deserves. It is hard, but not impossible. That window of endless possibilities should be the one that women look through, and be relentless in chasing after that which they truly desire.

Kevonna Glenn, believes that regardless of unfortunate circumstances and setbacks in life, it is important that women strive to eventually be their own boss to obtain economic empowerment and financial stability. The 22-year-old University graduate is a successful, innovative business owner. She created her own clothing brand ‘Melaninaire’, which aims to empower women of African descent and add to the development of a ‘Black Excellence’ culture, especially in Guyana.

The young woman said she refers to herself as a ‘multipotentialite’ because she is ambitious and quite versatile. Being raised in a middle class family did not influence her to settle for mediocrity. In fact, it did quite the opposite. It created a burning desire for the best in every faculty of her life.

Pieces created by Melaninaire

“I strongly believe in regular self-development. This principle guides me for as long as I can remember.  From a young girl growing up, I settle for nothing but excellence and is always on the hunt for ways and more ways to improve myself, be it academically or my personal attributes. As a young girl coming up I have always risen off of my optimism and self-driven character. I grew up in a middle class family who believe in family ties and support. They are literally my biggest supporters to this day, they are present at all of my events and academic milestones to cheer me on. I am the first of my immediate family to make it beyond a secondary education and obtain a valedictorian position. Because of this I am fortunate to be making them proud and creating a positive path for those to com,” she told this publication.

Creativity was one of the driving forces in her life. From the tender age of 9, she was fond of artistry and fashion. At that young age Kevonna started sketching designs that came to mind and would sometimes get to bring it to life with the help of her mom and a seamstress next door. This practice landed her in the fashion and designing industry today.

Pieces created by Melaninaire

“I loved the idea of being my own boss and creating an example for younger girls like myself to be inspired by. I just knew that I wanted to be someone in life. I wanted to have something of value to my name, something that belongs to be and will leave a legacy, this desire is what inspired me to start my own business. I hope with my brand, I can make a positive impact in the black community one day and aid in the development of black excellence as a culture,” Glenn said.

Her clothing brand, ‘Melaninaire’ is the only exclusive contemporary Ankara brand that offers both readymade and customization of existing pieces to customers’ satisfaction. Melaninaire’s prices reach the pockets of many, and she places great emphasis on quality so persons are able to enjoy outstanding locally manufactured clothing at an affordable cost. “I chose this brand because I want to create a space where black people can feel represented, especially black women, who deserve to know that they are beautiful and uniquely made. Therefore, I aim to promote black culture and the beauty of afro-individuals through fashion. This brand is created so that African pieces can be worn on a daily basis, thus its contemporary twist. By this I hope to bring a unique creation to the local fashion market,” the young woman said.

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