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And they lectured us. And they lectured us. And they lectured us until our ears bled. About democracy and democratic principles. Democratic alignment and all things democratic. And now their electoral doors have been opened. Wide open are they. For all to see. And we saw. And we saw that it was all sanctimonious. Sanctimonious confabulation. Not that we expected anything different. The evidence did meet our eyes.The evidence met all eyes. All to see including us. But the big bullies rather we not. Blindfolded we were. Gagged. Follow without question their Secretary of State demanded. The Secretary of State that was greeted with gigantic billboards. Billboards with his face and all things adulatory. Royal welcome on purple carpet. But far from royalty he is. For Mike Pompeo covered up his alleged abuse of public office among other indiscretions.

Steve Linick was a State Department Official. Given marching orders by Pompeo. His crime? Having the audacity to investigate Mike Pompeo’s alleged abuse of office. For his job he was simply doing. And for that he painfully discovered that democracy is not welcomed at Mike Pompeo’s door. And it got uglier. Much uglier for Pompeo. Steve Linick was concurrently investigating him for a suspicious arms deal. For Pompeo controversially approved $8bn in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates without consulting Congress. His Justification. The Regional threat posed by Iran constituted a national emergency. No checks and balances for him. Democracy persona non grata. His actions approved by his boss- POTUS, Donald Trump.



And his boss was no political angel either. He was impeached by Congress. But set free by his Republican Senate. For he did what should never have been done. Solicited foreign interference in the U.S, 2020 election. Modus operandi? Mafia boss-like he acted. Clandestine operation in the dark of day. Dark- For he thought he was not being observed. Day- For like Tupac Shakur all eyes were on him. And like that, a trailer load of witnesses testified to Congress of POTUS having a political gun to the head of the Ukraine President. His demand? A quid pro quo. The quid was POTUS desire to have his likely Presidential opponent, Joe Biden investigated. The quo was Ukraine’s need for military aid. Military aid to protect them from the advancing Russians troops. If Ukraine complied and initiated an investigation into Joe Biden, the military aid will be immediately transferred to their battle fields. But POTUS made a catastrophic miscalculation. For Biden is an American citizen hence insulated by their laws. Hence such an investigation came under the umbrella of illegality. And POTUS was not finished. He scandalously dug a deeper hole to bury himself into the grave of impeachment. How? Obstructed the inquiry into the aforementioned matters. Instructed his administration officials to ignore subpoenas for documents and testimony. For someone who boast of having the world’s biggest brain, he is clearly very smart. Or possibly, his big brain is just full of water. Hydrocephalus.


March 2nd, Guyana had it’s elections.The election was disputatious for many reasons. The courts were rightly utilised as a medium to legally resolve these matters. Mike Pompeo, POTUS mouthpiece for democracy, demanded that all such litigations be discontinued, forthwith! Democracy should never be delayed by the courts, he barked from America. In no uncertain terms, he threatened sanctions on anyone who disobeyed his commandments. And Granger Administration for innocently utilising the courts was visited with his wrath- Fire and brimstones sanctions. But then we inexplicably ventured down the cul-de-sac of a recount. Exhumed we did of hundreds of thousands of dead votes, without statutory death certificates, buried in ballot boxes. Keith Lowenfield, the CEO of GECOM attempted to separate the dead from the living. At Jericho’s wall the masses sang “valid votes only.” But Mike Pompeo would have none of it. All votes must be counted. Valid and invalid. They must be counted. They have to be counted for democracy prescribes nothing less.


Fast forward to November 3rd. America election. Trump’s turn on the democracy stage. His performance was nothing short of a pantomime. A sanctimonious pantomime. A sanctimonious charade. For this was no normal election. Deadly Covid is roaming the streets. Over ten million Americans infected. Over quarter of a million dead. As a result many avoided the Covid streets. Postal voting became the order of the day. Postal voters were predominantly democrats that Trump did attempt to mastermind a grand scale disenfranchisement. A Republican Post Master General he appointed. His name Louis De Joy. His instruction. Make postal voting impossible. A long list of illegal tricks employed. Suppress the voters they attempted. A Federal Judge was clearly not happy. Threatened Louis De Joy with testifying under oath. Perjury and he will be greeted by a 6×6 cell. But the vote suppression continued as Donald Trump bullied his way to stop the counting of all postal votes. And he went further.  POTUS filed multiple lawsuits against Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada electoral bodies. His aim.To have millions of valid votes discarded. Why? These votes will cement his defeat. But now it’s comical. Hilariously comical. Donald Trump then flooded the courts with vexatious and frivolous litigations of fraud. The irritated Judges at first glance, in Cristiano Ronaldo fashion, kicked everyone of them to the West Wing of the White House. And like that, Trump election bridge started falling down. Then his Security Officials from Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency(CISA) released a statement that the 2020 election was the “most secure in US history” The CISA is charged with election oversight and by their statement repudiated Donald Trumps’s repeated claims of election fraud without any evidence.


But it is clear for all to see. And we saw. These democracy champions are modern day hypocritical Scribes and Pharisees. For what they have accused us of, we are not guilty. And the electoral crimes they accused us of they have unashamedly committing.Voters suppression. Voters disenfranchisement. Demanding that valid votes should not be counted. Vexatiously and frivolously litigating after the people spoke. Refusing to concede after he clearly lost. “Mr. Granger must concede and allow a peaceful transition”, Pompeo demanded. Shall we substitute Mr. Granger with Donald Trump? “Only valid votes must count”, Donald Trump shouted. They both echo the cries of APNU+AFC but without our mountainous evidence. For fraud we saw and fraud they fail to show.


And our Ambassador to America is silent. Very silent. It is a shame he lacks the courage of Sarah-Ann Lynch. The American Ambassador to Guyana. For joint statements should have be flowing from his lips. Joint statements to chastise undemocratic Donald Trump. Joint statements to share the democracy that we were forced fed. Joint statements to speak of Trump’s need to concede and allow a peaceful transition. And he could have gone further. Riyad Insanally should have met with the Heads of the American Joint Services. Interrogate them individually to ensure that they will not follow any of Donald Trump’s illegal instructions. Ascertain if they are still paddling on this sinking democracy ship.


But among these hypocrites is an unheralded democracy champion. Stacy Abrams her name. Afro-American her ethnicity. Denied by Trump’s Republicans in 2018 from taking the office of Governor of Georgia. Georgia has been suppressing the black votes for decades. Georgia the home of the bastions of democracy, the Carter Centre. How was Stacy Abrams denied? Suppression of the Afro-Americans votes. She lost by 50,000 votes. They suppressed 700,000 votes. But in that loss, she won. The Fair Fight Action she formed, a non profit organisation to address voter suppression in Afro-Americans. And it is those Afro-Americans voters who brought Georgia home for the Democrats in this election. It is those Afro-Americans, who were repeatedly scorched by voter suppression, that kicked out the undemocratic democracy champions. And as they achieved this heroic feat, the Carter Centre that resides in said Georgia who did lecture us on democracy, were silent. For them democracy lectures are only for third world countries.


So this is my humble request. Humble request that I be appointed Ambassador to America, pro bono. For without doubt, this doctor will give them a good dose of their own democracy medicine. But then again, our political leaders are without courage. Political cowards. Happy to have foreign nations interfere in our internal affairs. Lack of the LFSB testicular fortitude. For LFSB repeatedly instructed the foreign meddlers to go mind their own farmyards. LFSB repeatedly advised the foreign hypocrites that they maybe welcome to observe our elections when we are permitted to observe theirs. If only Burnham was walking our land today. I would have been a proud Guyanese. We would have been proud Guyanese. I would have been a proud and forthright Guyanese, like him.

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