By Dr. Abiola Inniss Ph.D. LLM  In recent weeks, and not for the first time, there has been a tremendous clamour over the issue of cultural appropriation. This time it was about the use of the word J’ouvert as the label for a rum product to be produced by the well-known American actor Michael B Jordan. In 2019 there was […]

By Dr. Terrence R. Blackman On June 09, 2021, ExxonMobil announced newly identified, high-quality hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs below the original Longtail-1 at Longtail-3 offshore Guyana. The well, located approximately two miles (3.5 kilometers) south of the Longtail-1 well, was drilled in more than 6,100 feet (1860 meters) of water. This announcement has brought into sharper focus the ideas emerging from the […]

By Rawle Nyanzi The People’s Republic of China has grown from a marginal state to a massive great power which commands respect on the world stage. In the 2000s it became the world’s second-largest economy, edging out Japan (which has fallen to third place.) This country is no longer an isolated backwater; instead, it is tightly integrated into the global […]

Dear Editor Justice cannot be pursued by trampling on the principles established to protect justice. It is the pursuit of vengeance that tramples the principles of justice. Respecting an individual or group’s fundamental rights and freedoms ought not to be based on emotions but the established conventions and laws that guarantee and protect these.  Justice is not being pursued by […]

By Arthur Deakin The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently set out a narrow roadmap for the world to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Annual renewable energy capacity will have to be added at four times the rate of 2020, which registered a record-high 280 GW in the past year. For solar power alone, this would be equivalent to […]

By Lincoln Lewis News that there are likely to be more charges against Chief Election Officer, Keith Lowenfield; and Deputy Chief Election Officer, Roxanne Myers suggest the Guyana Police Force has not done a good job from the beginning of laying charges against these persons or is acting on political direction. Some are inclined to think it’s a combination intended […]

–A mask to hide the mad scramble for Guyana’s patrimony By Dr. David Hinds   The last fifteen months have  brought home to me the peculiar harshness of  Guyanese politics. To be misrepresented, demonized, and vilified  without the right to reply has been heart-rending. The callousness, the racial disrespect and dishonour “make the blood run cold”, to paraphrase  Bob Marley. What […]

By Amanza Walton-Desir The PPP/C’s most recent attack on me is a frightening indication of the fact that they are content to continue to stoke the fires of racial and ethnic strife in Guyana. In their haste to excoriate me for a statement I made during the course of a one -hour discussion, the PPP/C has not only misrepresented my […]

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