For many years the Caribbean region has been a victim of emigration as the claws of first world nations and other promising islands in our region continue to snatch many from their countries of origin. In 2020, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) said that there was a total of 9.08 million Caribbean migrants residing outside […]

The biggest thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is the fact that they started. They didn’t sit in hopes that the universe would give them some weird signal as to when they should begin to work on their dreams. Instead, they took action. The funny thing is, I may very well be ruffling some of your feathers with […]

What do people say about you? What do they think about your character, your behaviour, or your mindset? Would persons agree in saying that you represent yourself well through your speech and/or attire? Would they say that you treat others with respect, dignity, and compassion? You may say that the conclusions in the minds of many about your character don’t […]

A few months ago, I sat with the CEO and Founder of Blue Ember Concepts, Nelton Johnson. His company is a leading design entity in Jamaica which aims to constantly frustrate tradition with creativity. Having amassed over 20 years of business experience, one can imagine the wealth of knowledge he has garnered and when expressed, the impact that his gems […]

Opportunity is understood to be an occasion or circumstance that creates the possibility for something favourable to happen. Many equate this to something of pure luck or chance and there are some who are convicted in thinking that this auspicious or favourable circumstance is deeply connected to a higher power or being. Be that as it may, I believe that […]

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