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The biggest thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is the fact that they started. They didn’t sit in hopes that the universe would give them some weird signal as to when they should begin to work on their dreams. Instead, they took action.

The funny thing is, I may very well be ruffling some of your feathers with some of the things documented in this piece and you know what, I am not at all sorry because you need to take action.

Answer this, “How many projects have you ever dreamt about accomplishing?” Now, after you’ve run your mind through all your cast aside ambitions, ask yourself this, “What would be the case now if you had just started?”

Whether it was 5 years ago, 2 months ago, or last week, there was some point that you said to yourself, I want to become an author, a producer, a musician, or I want to start a Podcast.


But instead of putting pen to paper and conducting the necessary research to formulate a plan, you’ve drifted into the never-ending ocean of what if’s, I don’t have’s, I cant’s and sadly you’re still drifting.

However, allow me to throw you this rope of hope and reel you back to the shore of forward thinking and success.

Understand this, you don’t need money to start, you don’t need equipment to start, you don’t need to have all the resources in the world to start.

What you require is a plan, a mouth to speak and ask questions and pair of ears to listen. Luckily, I don’t need to assist you with two of those things.

So, to formulate your plan simply start by recording your intentions. What do you want to do? Do you want to become an entrepreneur, or do you desire to learn a new skill? Being conscious of this is the first step in your planning process.

Follow up by penning why you want to do what you want to do. Understandably, this might take some soul searching for a lot of people – and unfortunately, I would discourage you from going further into your planning stage if you can’t fathom your motives behind your desired actions.

However, if you know what you want to do and why you wish to do it then highlight the people, you’re doing it for. Who is your target audience? Is it boys or girls, is it people in the Caribbean, is it people under 25? Understanding who you serve will profoundly influence how you operate within your intended field of work.

Following that, you need to understand the value attributed to your work and really comprehend how your target audience will receive it.

Finally start with quality! No, I’m not at all telling you to go broke attempting to purchase the latest and the best. I’m simply saying that you should be intentional in your work and ensure that there is quality in what you do. At one stage quality assurance may mean getting the best business cards and at another, it may mean ensuring your podcast is produced at a high standard. However, be certain that whatever you do is done with excellence because at the end of the day, your work represents you.

All in all, know that the world is there for the taking. Opportunities exist and when you can’t recognise them that means it’s time for you to create them.

Follow these guidelines, ask questions, listen to advice and you will be more equipped on your quest to a life of self-sufficiency and success.
Just Start.

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