Residents complain that no services are provided to the community of Eliza Mary (Little Africa) by Corriverton Town Council

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In a recent press statement, the Office Of The Leader Of The Opposition reported on the alleged victimization of citizens living in “another perceived coalition support area.”  The report stated that “the PPP continues to victimize and discriminate against the residents of   Eliza Mary which is popularly known as Little Africa, as no services are provided to the community by the PPP controlled Corriverton Town Council. The neglect is apparent as you walk into the community.”

Residents reported that Little Africa is deprived of proper roads, drainage, street lights and there is no system for garbage collection. These are some of the basic necessities that are absent from this community which has been in existence for more than three (3) decades.

Also, of concern to the residents, is that they are unable to receive phone lines since the telephone company explained that the community is not regularized. However, in communities perceived to be PPP strongholds that are not regularized, there is access to similar services. The press statement from the OLO states that, “It is ridiculous for the PPP to be boasting about Guyana’s new found wealth and communities are deprived of basic services. The call is being made for the PPP/Ali regime to treat all Guyanese and their communities as equal.”

Residents complain that the Town Council has started allowing people to dump garbage at the entrance of the community’s only burial ground. No garbage collection is done within the community. There is literally no road to the burial ground for people to use to bury their dead, while the youths of the community bemoaned the fact that they are deprived of jobs while at the same time, they are compelled to live with a very high cost of living. Many young people from the area are of the view that once they are from Little Africa they are deprived of employment. This is so, even though the Second Vice President waves an offer of thousands of TEMPORARY jobs.


The press statement reported that, “The Second Vice President needs to be reminded that our people do not have temporary needs.  Children do not have a temporary need for food and shelter. It is a joke for an oil rich country to be offering its young people temporary jobs. It is a clear manifestation of the lack of vision, the incompetence of the PPP regime and its desire to engage in projects that allow them, their friends and family to get rich through corruption. Clearly, our people are not benefiting from our new found wealth. Thanks to PPP incompetence and corruption.”

Residents complain that the Town Council has been largely ignoring the representations made by the elected representatives of the people, especially the APNUAFC Councillors. The people complained that the PPP Mayor disregards their representation and have been making his own determinations about the needs and resources to be provided to the community. Unfortunately, this means no resources or services are provided to the community.

Residents hoped that by sharing their plight, the government would intervene in an unbiased manner since they too are Guyanese taxpayers and entitled to equal treatment under the laws of Guyana.

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