The corral is shut

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Dear Sir,

The discussion or debate is on going about the “Dildo” insult that was hurled to a female MP by a Minister, of the Government in the hallowed halls of Parliament. To date nothing has come out of the incident, not even an apology. To follow up with that we have the brazen put down (to another female) a police no less, by one who represents the chosen race. This contemptuous and hooligan-istic behaviour is just a continuation of what was reported before the elections (at the Marriot) and the “stoning of the school bus and the torching of the butchery in Berbice.” during the elections.

When the former Secretary of State of America Mr Pompeo, came to this country during the still disputed 2020 elections he said “that APNU and Granger by extension was obstructing Democracy.”.Paving the way for these people to become the Government of this racist and broken country.

It is my assumption that there was a hidden translation in that missive delivered by the Secretary of State. It was a direct instruction in my belief, to open the “Corral” (The Parliament)so that all the horses will be together; where the cowboys (the powers that be) with their lassos could take the horses out one at a time to deal with them. Surely their cohorts, and henchmen who were in the arms of the powers that be, sang like Canaries about their past shenanigans present shenanigans and future shenanigans to save their own skins.


Now the horses are in the corral (parliament) and the corral is shut. Leaving them at the discretion of the powers that be; allowing intransigence to go on with no comeuppance as yet. When I was a cub at the Trinidad Guardian, we had a political statement that went like this “run you run Kazar Williams run you run.” My deceased Grandmother use to say “It will all come out in the wash,” “or the tune that says “look over your shoulder, I will be standing right there.” Yes, the corral is shut, and there is no room for escaping.

The fact that nothing tangible has come out as yet don’t mean that things are not in the works. The game goes on the weather is good, who have cocoa in the sun have to look for rain, including the “Feral Blast.”

Milton Bruce

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