National pride and a land of peace

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Dear Editor,

I attended the National Assembly on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre.

I was there primarily to witness the expected installation of PNC Leader, Aubrey Norton as Leader of a combined Opposition and also to witness a triumphant return to Parliament of Volda Lawrence.

It was a stimulating occasion and I wish to thank and compliment the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Sherlock Issacs for his kind courtesies extended to me.


Deserving of praise, is also the Speaker of the House, Manzoor Nadir for his correct handling of the session I attended.

He demonstrated a degree of adroitness and balance of some of his great predecessors. The likes of A.P. (Okro) Alleyne, R.B. Gajraj, Oscar Clarke, Sase Narine, Bertram Scotland, a sign that he is maturing and worthy of that high office.

As a citizen, I look forward to the new Opposition Leader being a fierce and relentless protagonist to help secure the well-being and new opportunities for all the people of Guyana.

With the growing gap between the rich and the poor, this is a daunting but necessary task.

This is a challenge that requires strength and a solid moral fibre that cannot be diluted by extant disciples of imperialist-type control and domination.

Such attitudes are alive and well today.

All of our Leaders must be reminded that they have a sacred responsibility to vindicate the horrors of slavery and the hardship of indentureship.

As I chatted with members and supporters with the major political parties, two things bothered me. First, it is clear that there is a dearth of knowledge amongst some of our younger politicians and therefore an understanding of our place in history.

This is a serious defect, which must be corrected without delay. This generation needs to have the appropriate education and knowledge so that they can develop the intellectual and physical strength to agitate so that the people of Guyana can be truly liberated.

Second, speaking to senior members of all the Parties in Parliament, I got the impression that the contracts and arrangements made with the oil giants are cast in stone.

If my reading is correct, it brings me to a position I took much earlier and repeated in response to a caller on the Wednesday programme, Public Platform, Channel 9 that on the question of the harvesting and exploitation of our Natural Resources, Gold, Bauxite, Timber, Oil and Gas that this oft time repeated slogan of ‘One Guyana,’ must be elevated to mean that when we speak to these giants of industry who come here to do business that they must hear loud and clear, the voices of a single Guyana like a well rehearsed choir.

When it comes to discussing and deciding how much or what percentage of profits we get, if developers understand that negotiating with a United Guyana will get vastly better deals.

The old wisdom of United we Stand, Divided we fall, makes more sense now than ever before.

This is a challenge, this is an assignment, this must be the noble venture, Aubrey Norton, Irfaan Ali, and the leadership of AFC, WPA, et al.

We must ensure that we bequeath to our children and our children’s children, a land of beauty, a land of plenty, a land of national pride and a land of peace.

The Late Yesu Persaud, at a function held at the western end of Merriman’s Mall that we came here in different ships but but now in one boat, and I add let us therefore paddle like hell to the drum-beat of One People, One Nation, One Destiny so that we navigate safely the turbulence of a tricky International Order to a safe haven.

At this time, where the Muslims celebrate Ramadan, Christians celebrate Easter, the Hindus have just finished their period of Nauraatri, the Spiritualist and Israelites celebrate Passover, it is a good time to seek divine intervention.

We thank the Creator who have placed us in a country with an abundance of natural resources, no floods, no hurricanes, no monsoons, no earthquakes, 83,00 sq miles and less than a million souls, if we ignore the opportunities we have and indulge in shouting and pettiness, then the Gods who give us plenty will punish us.

Hamilton Green

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