Granger and the non-appointment of coalition MPs 

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Dear Editor,

Is it fair to history to blame/accuse David Granger, Representative of the List for the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) coalition, as the one responsible for the non-appointment of parliamentarians to replace Mr. Joe Harmon and Nicollette Henry PhD who resigned with effect from March 15th and March 31st respectively? The facts are:

  1. Resignation takes effect from the date stated not the date it was written or received.
  2. As per the law, the National Assembly advises the List Representative of the resignation.
  3. The List Representative has to await notification from the National Assembly before activating the process to replace those who resigned. All other notifications are merely for information purposes.
  4. Stabroek News (March 31) made contact with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Manzoor Nadir presumably to get a sense of what’s happening. Reportedly, “[w]hen asked if he has written to former President David Granger, who is leader of the list of candidates for the APNU+AFC, Nadir replied in the negative.”
  5. As per Stabroek News, (April 1): “Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs yesterday [March 31] told this newspaper that Parliament had dispatched correspondence to the APNU+AFC Representative of the List, former President David Granger, informing him of the need to fill the two vaccines.”
  6. Demerara Waves, (April 1 @ 14:42 hours) reported: “Mr. David Granger said that at 14:00 hours on Wednesday 30th March, 2022 [he] received two letters from Hon. Manzoor Nadir, Speaker of the National Assembly. These letters informed him, formally, that as a result of the resignations of …Harmon …with effect from 15th March…and Henry, with effect from 31st March, two vacant seats had arisen in the National Assembly.”
  7. In said Demerara Waves (DW) report: “The Representative of the List has also informed …[GECOM] of the present development.”
  8. All are further advised by the said DW report that: “The Representative of the List has since written to Mr. Aubrey Norton, Chairman [APNU] and Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, Leader [AFC], requesting their meaningful consultations on the nominations of candidates to fill the vacancies.”

Evident by organisation and legal procedures the issue is now before the coalition leaders, who are required to follow a procedure, and adhere to few more, before the two seats could be filled and a new Leader of the Opposition elected. No doubt the media will continue to track the process to finality. That being said, the information presents an opportunity for objectivity in understanding how the process works and likewise where blame, if any, should be directed.

Minette Bacchus


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