Western diplomats hold talks with Guyana Govt on Russia invasion of Ukraine

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Western diplomats here on Thursday afternoon met with Hugh Todd, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation on Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.
In a terse statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the diplomats: Sarah-Ann Lynch, Ambassador of the United States to Guyana, Her Excellency Jane Caroline Miller, High Commissioner of the United Kingdom to Guyana, His Excellency Mark Berman, High Commissioner of Canada to Guyana and His Excellency Fernando Ponz Cantó, Ambassador of the European Union to Guyana met with Todd following the recent developments in Ukraine. Also on Thursday Todd met a delegation from the Russian Embassy including Ambassador Alexander Kurmaz, following Russia’s actions against Ukraine.
In a statement the Government of Guyana condemned the violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by Russia. “We call for an immediate cessation of military action. The Government is now in consultation with our International partners and will issue a full statement before the end of the day,” the Guyana Government said in a statement.

Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, unleashing airstrikes on cities and military bases and sending in troops and tanks from three sides in an attack that could rewrite the global post-Cold War security order. Ukraine’s government pleaded for help as civilians piled into trains and cars to flee. Russian President Vladimir Putin ignored global condemnation and cascading new sanctions as he unleashed the largest ground war in Europe since World War II, and chillingly referred to his country’s nuclear arsenal. He threatened any country trying to interfere with “consequences you have never seen.”

Ukrainian officials said their forces were battling Russians on multiple fronts, had suffered dozens of deaths and had lost control of the decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear power plant, scene of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.
U.S. President Joe Biden announced new sanctions against Russia, saying Putin “chose this war” and that his country would bear the consequences of his action. Other nations also announced sanctions, or said they would shortly. Fearing a Russian attack on the capital city, thousands of people went deep underground as night fell, jamming Kyiv’s subway stations. At times it felt almost cheerful. Families ate dinner. Children played. Adults chatted. People brought sleeping bags or dogs or crossword puzzles — anything to alleviate the waiting and the long night ahead.

Also on Thursday the Caribbean Community said the recognition by The Russian Federation of the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk represents a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. “The hostilities against Ukraine go counter to the principles of respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference in the internal affairs of another sovereign state and the prohibition on the threat or use of force, and the peaceful resolution of disputes, which are the bedrock of this Community,” the regional bloc said. “CARICOM maintains that the principles of universal respect and adherence to these norms and principles of international law are fundamental to the maintenance of the international system and global peace and security. CARICOM calls on all parties involved to urgently embark on intensified diplomatic dialogue to immediately de-escalate hostilities and work towards a sustainable peace,” the statement added.


Meanwhile, the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) also condemns the invasion of Ukraine and calls for an immediate cessation of the hostilities. “Russian aggression constitutes a crime against international peace. The armed attack perpetrated against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is reprehensible and constitutes a very serious act in violation of international law. Aggression has been defined as the “supreme international crime” and it undoubtedly constitutes an attack against the peace and security of humanity, as well as civilized relations between States,” the OAS said.

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