PPP/C extends best wishes to all Guyanese on Guyana’s 52nd Republic Anniversary

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… says country on the verge of unprecedented transformation  

On the occasion of Guyana’s 52nd anniversary as a Republic, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) takes this opportunity to express best wishes to all Guyanese, both at home and in the Diaspora. As we celebrate yet another national milestone of self-governance, we must feel a sense of collective pride at the state of our nationhood as it enters an unprecedented phase of transformative development. Following our Party’s return to government, no effort was spared to advance our nation for the betterment of all of our people.
The ongoing rapid and holistic national development, driven by our expanding and growing economy, will not only transform the landscape, but will result in vast improvements in the lives of all Guyanese. With every passing day, our promises to the Guyanese people are being fulfilled, capacity is being built, lives advanced and our country’s international stature continues to grow as global investors partner with us for the realization of our potential. This is a manifestation of our people-centered approach, unwavering commitment to our people and visionary and responsible leadership by the PPP/C government.

These are indeed exciting times for our country and people and our Party remains committed to continue working to enhance the welfare of all. While, at this point in time, our country is being reopened after almost two years of implemented measures to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, the traditional costume and float parade will not be held. However, this year, we have seen the gradual return of signature events of Mashramani – a heartening move that allows us, despite constraints, to share the pride that is imbued from the colourful and vibrant celebrations associated with Mashramani. The traditional splendor of the multitude of colours splashed to the pulsating beat of music, reflects revelry after hard-work and our rich diversity that define us as a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-cultural nation – a true reflection of the “One Country, One People, One Future” under which we campaigned and the “One Guyana” we endeavor towards. Fifty-two years ago, the attainment of Republican status heralded self-rule. As we reflect, let’s renew our commitment to collectively work towards building a Guyana we all desire and to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood. Let us work towards removing the barriers of division, recognizing that we are stronger together, as we work to the collective aim of ‘One Guyana’. Our Party also takes this opportunity to commend the dedication and efforts of all involved in the various activities held across the country to foster the spirit of Mash. Happy Mashramani to all Guyanese!


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