Biggest budget, biggest lie

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Dear Editor,

The admission is mine that a permanent smile has adorned my face on hearing Wife #2 has returned to the abusive polygamous Islamic relationship. In fact, reading her pronouncement that Dubai wasn’t built overnight, provoked an involuntary whisper “poor child.” Notwithstanding, Lady Shuman has my undying support, even as I remind her that Britain has a First Lady and a future Queen who were once #2.

Nonetheless, this Dubai argument we must undress to address, for unless one was education denied by PPP, cognisant they must be that Rome wasn’t built in a day. But in stating the obvious, Wife #2 has exposed her cognitive limitations, confirming that gagging and regurgitating are the limits of her talents. So thankfully, pantheons of wisdom are amongst us, to provide meaning outside the scope of her orally gift.

For we pantheons know, no society can be built only on infrastructure, since infrastructure is the endpoint of a conceptualised idea. Further, we recognise that ideas are birthed, jungled dwellers, but through the educated. Thus the position of this pantheon, beyond wife #2 cerebration, is no society can develop without investments in education. Notwithstanding, this cross, not of local vernacular, is ours in the Lady of education, who herself needs edifying. For being cognitively arrested, the Pantheon Society, which yours truly Chairs, delivers in hand ideas, but awareness is only had by bellowing in her ears, IDEAS!


Thus, the troubles of our education system;

1. Highly dependent on extra-lessons.

2. Very elitist

3. Elite schools centred.

Consequently, of the threesome, the Pantheon Society convened an emergency meeting to offer Manickhand a framework to advance our education sector, removed from the random school building and painting. Further, we the Pantheons were obligated to interrupt Manickchand’s top performer premature climaxes, to refocus eyes on the tens of thousands failed. But at outset, admit we must that expectations were of PPP focusing on education in their budget of lies, if we’re to realise the Dubai distant dream. And navigating such, we anticipated a 21st century education evolutionary roadmap, aimed at emancipating our children from the burden of extra-lessons. For such a realisation would take decades of investments, of first establishing uniformity in education standards. Having said that, cognisant we’re that teachers aren’t enthused to teach at the less popular schools or areas, but of mitigations and incentivisation we know, thus recommend.

Further, thinking outside the box, we would suggest developing a CPCE draft system, where the best graduating teachers are allocated to the poorly performing schools. Indeed, in our eyes this can be the impetus to equilibrating a skewed education system.

Nonetheless, to maintain standards, there must be a statutory Regulatory Body, guided and informed by scientific. And of importance, regulation must be apolitical, undertaken by retired teachers and head teachers along with parents representatives. But this we must stress, it shouldn’t be a name and shame exercise, rather it should be a medium to elevate standards. And with pervasive poverty, many children attend schools without a meal, thus we recommend schools provide meals for ALL students, as underpinned by Maslow Hierarchy of needs. Further, low income families should’ve financial support, to alleviate the epidemic of multiple jobs, ensuring parents are home with their children.

Additionally, our tertiary education need urgent investments, for the libraries need upgrading. The laboratories are depressingly antiquated. The infrastructure needs uplifting, to present that University image. Furthermore, a phase out of lecturers with first degrees is required, through scholarships for postgraduate studies. And with research being the cornerstone of academia, lecturers’ appraisal should be informed by research undertaken. In fact, even our Primary, Secondary and Vocational schools are crying out for technology advancements e.g. SMART boards. For tired we’re of PPP painting random schools, without a defined objective, other than votes baits. Indeed, true education evolution, for the Dubai imagery, mandates an objective roadmap eg 2022 the year of improving schools infrastructure, 2023 improvement in technology etc. Having said that, of clueless Manickchand, ignoring is neigh impossible, for what mathematical misalign calculations she employed at arriving at this 11,000 impoverished children? What objective tool will be employed in determining which child gets a laptop? Certainly, the foolery of these idiots know to bounds.

Dr. Mark Devonish

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