Are we drifting towards an oligarchy and is Ms. DeCaires not correct

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Dear Editor,

‘I’ve never had much difficulty with the writings and sometimes wrath with Freddie Kisson’s articles and have from time to time complimented him even when he took a few jabs at me, my Party and its Leadership.

I recall, I referred to him as our modern day Shakespeare at the function at the Independence Square (Parade Ground), when we celebrated the Life of the assassinated Courtney Crum Ewing.

Incidentally a functional democracy would have had those responsible for his assassination that of Satayeo Sawh, Ronald Waddle, the Bacchus’ brothers among others charged, but we have not even had an inquiry to these high-profile killings.


However, his piece in the Thursday, February 10, article is an obnoxious and unnecessary verbal assault on Isabelle DeCaires, the daughter of the Founder of Stabroek News, David De Caires.

I lay no claims to knowing who this young lady is, safe to state that her father was among the short list of illustrious journalists, legal minds and for me, patriot par excellence.

If his daughter possesses even a fraction of his sterling qualities, I feel compelled to write in her defense. Beyond that, it is unpardonable that someone should also assail Moray House.

I have been invited on occasions to lectures and discussions at Moray House, hosted by David and Doreen DeCaires and on every such occasion, I found the time spent informative, relevant and intellectually stimulating.

Ms. DeCaires assertion that we now do not have a “functional democracy.” earned the ire and personal attack by Freddie.

In his article he expresses a vibrant racism that over the years he has been critical of others claiming that as he walks his dog, our canine cousin, he is free of this infliction noticeable in his Thursday the 10th article.

Freddie’s reference to recent events which tacitly exonerates the PPP from this curse of Guyana, racism is unbelievable.

There is no place for racism in a functional democracy and what is this talk of Anti-Indian sentiments erupted by Freddie Kissoon.

My friend Freddie obviously writing from the manuscript of the present administration conveniently ignores or is forgetful of that horrible post 1955 period when the clarion call of “Apan Jaat” resonated from every community in our beloved Guyana.

Freddie ignores the pre and post horrors of the 60s and talks now about this anti-Indian nonsense.

Freddie’s reference to his allegation that sugar workers were put on the breadline after 2015 points to a country where there is, according to him, a non-functional democracy.

They say half a truth is worse than a blatant lie and he conveniently ignores the bauxite workers who were similarly (if I can use the word similarly) dismissed during a pre 2015 Government.

Freddie also forgets the hundreds of Afro-Guyanese who were slaughtered post 1992.

Not wanting to put salt on our wounds, inflicted during and after slavery, I make no further references, but if we wish to talk about a non-functional democracy, we cannot be myopic and make references, which seem to be biased, and expose the real side of Freddie Kissoon and those he now seems to admire.

If the sugar workers were wronged, what about Public Servants and others who were wronged?

Today, is Freddie aware that the oldest surviving business has been targeted by this administration to be “white-washed?.”

I refer to Lyken Funeral Parlour owned by the Lyken family who had been in service for over half of a century and even while this Government fails to honour its indebtedness to the Lyken family, they have given the lucrative business to another establishment owned and controlled by someone of a different ethnicity.

Let me make it very clear, the Lykens and the owner of the other funeral establishment are equally respected by me and I consider them both cherished friends, but the facts are the facts.

So far, no valid explanation has been offered for this shift of business. What say you about a functional democracy?

The Natural Resources Fund Bill is rushed through Parliament and assented to within hours. No consultation, No opportunity for open public debate, very anathema of a functional democracy.

Freddie talks about the 2020 Elections but like so many others, he ignores the fact that the political parties went into the March 2020 Elections after suspending house-to-house registration and all sides knowing that the list was bloated and therefore flawed and incapable of supporting a functional democracy.

I have been critical of my Party Leadership for entering a contest where the conditions were against a functional democracy.

The question of No Confidence vote of course, is another issue directed to this comenial word of democracy. Over the years, democracy has meant different things to different people and unless we as a sovereign nation identify the elements that should constitute a functional democracy will continue to blow hot air. In spite of this, Freddie punctuates and here I agree with him that “The 21st century bears a strong resemblance to ancient societies where class struggle determines if a country becomes a democracy or an oligarchy.”

My dear Freddie, I pose this for you to offer a response with all that is happening with our massive oil resources. Are we drifting towards an oligarchy and is Ms. DeCaires not correct?

Hamilton Green

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