Mosquito season at Hope Secondary School

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Dear Editor

I would like to bring to the attention of the Hon Minister of Education Priya Manikchand.

I have a relative that is presently attending the Hope Secondary School on the East Coast of Demerara. My relative came home from school today with several bumps on the visible parts of her skin and upon enquiring what happened to her she explained that the classroom she is in now is heavily-infested with mosquitoes and that the students of that class have already spoken to their level head and the form teacher since school reopened but to no avail.

Editor in my humble opinion there was no proper planning for the reopening of schools by the minister of education and by extension. The government has not been forthcoming with the presence of the Omicron virus in Guyana. How much more are we going to risk the lives of our children by sending them to school.


The timings are now perfect for civil society groups and human rights activists to speak out if possible and let’s have peaceful protesting so as to force the minister of education and by extension the government to revise this whole school reopening arrangements.

Our children must not with their lives or health pay the price for the incompetence and short-sightedness of this government. It is by no mistake that the minister of Education has not decided to reopen face to face learning for the grade 7 students as her child would’ve has to attend school. It is very clear that the minister only has her children at heart and not that of the nation’s children. Her action speaks louder than her words.

Randy Persaud

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