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Dear editor,

I knew it. I just knew it. The Covid Clueless are beyond redemption. For the irredeemably hopeless, were of no concern when stories abound of a double agent travelling the globe, whitewashing feast with fears and fatalities. But the masses of the disinformation dark, suspected much was awry when the irredeemably hopeless sat on their hands, as the Covid Clevers of this world, stockpiled approved Covid-19 vaccines and pills.

But WHO mydriatic drops surely reopened the eyes of the conflictingly confuse, in pronouncing the agent of fears and fatalities, as a variant of concern- mononym Omicron. And with such information registered, in hands or desks, meant column coded could only be, actionable urgent. Indeed, the Covid Clevers, of wisdom and knowledge, recognised the dangers thus preemptively planned and enacted;

  1. Enforce Public Health Practise: For this is critical, as much as it’s universal, since many are Covid-19 fatigue and need that gentle reminder. Face-mask. Social distancing. Isolation. Quarantine. Lockdown etc. Nothing off the table!
  2. Get the public on board: Public confidence augmented by being in the know. Communication, humility and reassurance.
  3. Ensured the Covid-19 management task force is apolitical, and being of only qualified, apolitical professionals.
  4. Aggressive booster campaign, using approved booster vaccines.
  5. Protect the high-risk, which is binary;
  6. Approved booster vaccines




  • Covid-19 pills

Molnupiravir reduces hospitalisation by 30-50%, in high-risk persons, with both FDA and MHRA approval.

Paxlovid developed by Pfizer, reported to be 90% effective in preventing hospitalisation and death in high-risk persons, with efficacy against the Omicron. FDA approved.

Thus the Covid Clevers, of knowledge and wisdom, instructed that any being with laboratory confirmed Covid-19, of high risk stratum, prescription and ingestion should be immediate with either Molnupiravir or Palovoid, to save lives and hospital beds. And on recognising the knowledge and wisdom of the Covid Clevers of this world, the masses were with ovations, curtsies and reverence.

But in a remote geographical sphere in South America, of a proud Caribbean culture, are a people that time forgotten. For great argumentation polluted the air as it pertains to nomenclature, with many supporting an alphanumeric title of Covid-19. But the majority of unlettered letter remained married to the title PPP. Thus of mutual compromise, at the level of nomenclature, factions of Covid-19 coexist with factions of PPP.

Notwithstanding, both factions were informed of the agent of fatalities and fears, but being more of Ho Ho Ho than O O O, meant nothing was done, pathognomonic of the Covid Clueless. Then their spokesman Dr. Dolittle, of a do little persona revealed, accidental or intentional, Covid-19 data for January 4th. And the numbers illuminating our eyes were of stratum Jim Jones, so morbidly pathological that the petrified masses were with conclusion, that a Jan 6th insurrection was ours. For January 4th, 485 individuals had the agent of fatalities and fears swimming in their blood, reflecting a pattern of active cases;

Region 4: 1,138 active cases

Region 6: 272 active cases

Region 3: 148 active cases

Region 2: 41 active cases

Region 9: 78 active cases

Region 10: 74 active cases

Indeed, this boosted fear of unapproved boosters, with all eyes focused and accommodated on the Covid Clueless, for guidance. So Dr. Dolittle the health mouthpiece of the Covid Clueless, presented to the podium with paper but no brain. And from the mouth of this Covid Clueless we heard, “We need to be extra vigilant,” after which he defaulted to sitting on his hands. But much time he had and misused, as Omicron sought airfare funding, to get to these forgotten shores.

So being in a state of confucian confusion, the Oxford dictionary of repute and semantics, we sought. For this reputable dictionary defines vigilance as “keeping watch for possible dangers or difficulty.” Thus of Dr. Dolittle’s recommendations, the masses of eyes and ears, must audio-sense and visualise Omicron. And the data so generated will create a 2D geometrical image of Omicron, for which the navigating masses can swerve to avoid collision, a skill mastered by minibus drivers. Nevertheless, this must be stated, aloud if I may, Covid-19 vaccines and pills are most certainly overstated. For we in the land of the forgotten, of no knowledge and no wisdom, have mastered the art of Omicron escape and dodging, through vigilance and only vigilance. Now we the Covid abused, with trepidation await the next level of foolery, from these Covid Clueless.

Dr. Mark Devonish

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