Recipe | Garlic Pork

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Garlic Pork is a Portuguese dish brought to Guyana, it’s a quick and easy home cooking recipe that your family will enjoy.
3 – 4 lbs lean pork

2 pt apple cider vinegar (you may use regular vinegar; apple cider vinegar reduces the acidity)

½ lb garlic

1 bunch fine thyme


6 – 8 wirri-wirri peppers

4 – 6 cloves

4 tsp salt (or to taste

•Cut the pork into suitable pieces, say, 1 in long x ½ wide x ½ thick.
•Steep the pork in a solution of ¼ pt vinegar and water, then remove the pork pieces, and put in a large jar or bottle.
•Pound the garlic, peppers and thyme. Add to the rest of the vinegar with the salt and clove. Pour this mixture over the pork, making sure that there is enough liquid to cover completely.
•Leave to soak for 3 to 4 days, or longer if possible. Use as desired.
•Preparation: In a pan, put the pork with very little of the vinegar liquid and leave to boil until liquid evaporates. Fry the pork, in the fat that was melted during boiling, until brown.
•Serve hot with homemade Guyana bread (

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