One fool of many

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Dear Editor, 

Please provide thereunder the attention it deserves, for it’s the pronouncement of our renown Sociologist, Prof Charles Ramson LLB LLM OIL GAS BTL

“I think that in the black community, young black kids need lots of examples of success. Because they need to see that there is a pathway for them to build that successful life.”
In fact, of ginormous surprise, concur I must with our renown Social Scientist and Consultant, Professor Ramson.

For Sam Hinds isn’t a good role model. Mark Philips is far from a good role model. Dr. Roger Luncheon would most likely agree that good role modelling is not his forte. Robson Benn likely has never heard of the term good role model, for his intellectual spark is far from pyrotechnic. Kwame Mc Coy maybe the perfect mentor for underage boys, but unlikely to be placed in the cohort of good role models. For the tapes you must have heard or overheard. But if you hadn’t, the Americans certainly did, and immediately provide him the plaudits he deserves. And most certainly, Michael Young isn’t any kind of role model, for the many public pheromone driven fracas and tussles, he was involved in. Dr. Jennifer Westford is hardly a role model, for trying to convince the Canadians that she is a phantom resident, who existed, both Canada and Guyana, at the same time. Juan Edghill has to be certainly excluded as a good role model, in both the physical and spiritual realm. In fact, the only time good should ever be mentioned with his name is, good riddance. Odinga Lumumba would struggle to get on anybody’s list as a good mentor albeit, a good token.


In fact, the aforementioned examples were illuminated to extrapolate on Prof Ramson hypothesis. The fact is, human opinion formulation is a complex process, but at the most granular level, it is informed by experiences. For what is undisputed, Prof Ramson was encircled all his life by black men and women of servitude and professional tokenism, thus his postulation must be viewed in that narrow context.
But Socialist would hasten to argue that such issues are on the whole nuclear science complex. For Prof. Ramson, in his best seller, “Mediocre Intellectualism,” expounded on this very topical issue. And the right and honourable Professor, articulated with Russian vodka clarity, that mediocres are inclined to identify problems but intellectuals are gifted to provide solutions. Thus with deference, compliment I must this our esteemed Professor, in multifarious academic fields, in identifying and cogently articulating the problems in the black community. But it would be socially criminal of me, not to actuate his elevation above the mediocre battylion stratum, to sit supreme in the intellectual stratum, by soliciting solutions to his misdiagnosis. For most certain I am, this will illuminate his intellectual dwarfism, on commenting on a matter he knows not of.
Indeed, the evidence is unambiguous that social issues are rarely ever of unifactorial aetiology but more often than not, multifactorial. So unless the pandering Professor acquires, buys or fakes the critical thinking skills to decipher such complex social issues, I would strongly recommend that silence is his best mode, as the bright sparks proffer solutions, if such a problem exist.


Dr. Mark Devonish MBBS MSc Med. ed. FRCP(Edin) FRCP
Consultant Acute Medicine
Nottingham University Hospital

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