Dartmouth man was shot dead in sleep

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…wife refutes police claim of confrontation
…traumatized mother said she woke up to a police gun in her face 

As fiery protests continue over the killing of Dartmouth Businessman, Orin Boston, his wife said he was shot dead in his sleep even as she slammed a police report as inaccurate and misleading.

The Guyana Police Force in a statement alleged that he was shot during a confrontation with ranks.

Boston – a 29-year-old father of two – was killed by ranks of the Guyana Police Force during an early morning operation on Wednesday, September 15, 2021.


The police, in a statement, said as part of an anti-crime operation in Essequibo, ranks went to Boston’s Dartmouth home to conduct a search, however, he was shot during a confrontation. Boston, who was reportedly shot in his upper left arm, was pronounced dead upon his arrival at the Suddie Public Hospital.

However, the dead man’s wife, during an interview with APNU+AFC Member of Parliament Shurwayne Holder, said the police’s account of what transpired is deeply flawed.
According to the woman, the police stormed into their home at around 4:00hrs on Wednesday, “kicked open” the bedroom door, and without asking a single question, opened fire.

“When they reached in the room, they fired the gunshot, we were sleeping, and they shoot him on the left side. When he got the shot he holler ouch, that was all, he didn’t get up or nothing,” the woman recalled.

The police then reportedly instructed her not to move.

“I was right there next to him, and they told me don’t move, and I laid down but then I turned and asked, I could get up now,” she added.

The woman said realising that Boston was nonresponsive, the ranks removed him from the room. “They took him outside, and put him to lie down on the concrete, so I said let me put on a pants, they said no, and they just threw him in a vehicle just like that and they gone with him,” the grieving woman further recalled.

The woman made it clear that there was no confrontation. “No, no, he had no weapon nothing, is in he sleep them shoot he,” she said.

She said it was after Boston was shot that the police conducted a search of the premises. “They shot him and then search,” she said. According to woman, the police conducted an extensive search following the shooting and came up empty handed.

Boston’s mother in a separate interview with Holder said her home, which is located next to her son’s home, was also stormed by the police. According to the woman, she woke up to a police gun in her face.

“They bust open the bedroom door because it was locked, they bust the door, and they have the gun up in me, and I am in my bed you know, they just have the gun…I didn’t get a chance to say what is it because I left traumatized,” the middle-aged woman said.

She added: “Next thing you know, they are saying don’t move, don’t move, so I just left and drop down back.”

The woman said moments later when she was allowed to go outside, she saw the police removing her son from his home. He was already shot.

The police, in a statement, said Commissioner of Police (ag.), Nigel Hoppie has instructed that ranks from the Police Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) commence, immediately, a thorough investigation into this matter.

In protest, residents of have blocked the main road at Dartmouth as they demand justice.

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