Guyana descending into a land of lawlessness under PPP/C – MP Forde 

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…bemoans the “uncontrollable escalation of crime 

In wake of the brutal killing of a pandit and a bread vendor, the Opposition has renewed calls for the ABCE countries to condemned the People’s Progressive Party/Civic’s hold on the Guyana Police Force, warning that under the PPP/C Government, the country is descending into a land of lawlessness.

“We call on the ABCE Countries which, until a year ago, took an aggressive public role by way of intervention and the issuing of a volley of statements about matters of national interest to take note of these developments, emerge from the backseat and raise their voices in calling on the PPP regime to release the Guyana Police Force from political control and allow law and order to prevail,” A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Member of Parliament, Roysdale Forde, S.C, said in a statement on Monday evening.

According to the Shadow Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs in the National Assembly, there is undoubtedly an uncontrollable escalation of crime under the PPP/C Government. The nation, he said is once again witnessing this sad and frightening state of affairs under the PPP regime.

“The heinous events of the weekend underline this fact. Beloved Corentyne pandit Rishi Bharrat was mercilessly and brutally beaten to death in front of his home by known men on the night of Saturday, August 28th. Salesman Dexter Prince was pounced upon, robbed and senselessly gunned down by unknown assailants at Onderneeming on the Essequibo Coast on the evening of Sunday, August 29th. On behalf of the APNU+AFC Coalition I vehemently condemn these two heinous acts and call on the regime to remove their political tentacles from within and around the Guyana Police Force and allow for the evil perpetrators to be brought to justice,” the Opposition MP said.


He posited that crime and lawlessness are at an all-time high in Guyana. According to him, the PPP/C Government has demonstrated both disinterest and rank incompetence in curbing the situation which has rapidly spiralled out of control.
“Indeed, it is now unavoidable to ignore that the PPP regime is complicit in both creating an enabling environment for and facilitating lawlessness and covering up crime in Guyana,” MP Forde submitted.

He pointed out that Pandit Bharrat’s life was ended simply because he attempted to ask persons who were illegally playing loud music and behaving in a vulgar manner in front of his premises not to do so.

“Reprisal killings, vengeance killings, senseless killings and robberies and murder have, once again, become pervasive across Guyana under the PPP. And the regime appears comfortable with this state of affairs, making absolutely no discernible effort to arrest the decay. Meanwhile citizens live in fear, their constitutional rights trampled upon and without any recourse to justice,” he reasoned.

He added: “The police appear disinterested and/or unwilling to enforce the law and known supporters and financiers of the PPP appear in control of and in total domination of the state security apparatus.”

MP Forde noted that in a matter of a few days it will be one year since the Henry Boys and Haresh Singh were slaughtered in the West Coast Berbice backdams and to date justice has not been delivered.

“Guyana has regressed to a state of utter and complete lawlessness in one year of PPP rulership, after 5 years during which the APNU+AFC Coalition restored lawfulness, public safety and citizen security. I weep for Guyana,” MP Forde said.

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