3 Natural Pesticides You Could Use To Grow Your Own Kitchen Garden

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Neem Leaf-  Neem has long been used for its medicinal and culinary properties. It is also known to be used as a deterrent to pests. This medicinal herb has a bitter taste and strong odour that may keep the bugs away from your plants, but non-toxic to animals, birds, plants and humans. It’s best to spray neem oil on young plants where it is said to be effective for about 22 days. Add some neem oil to a dash of liquid soap and some warm water and stir slowly. Add it to a spray bottle and use immediately.

Salt Spray– One of the best and most natural ways to make pesticides at home is salt spray. In fact, not only does it help deter pests, it will also help increase nutrition absorption like magnesium and help plants take up vital nutrients like phosphorus and sulphur. You can add some salt in water and stir the solution well. Add it into a spray bottle and sprinkle on the plants. You can also sprinkle salt around the base of your plants, reapplying every week.


Onion And Garlic Spray– Take about one clove of garlic and one medium-sized onion and add some water to them. Let it stay for a while before you add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a dash of liquid soap to the mix. Use it on your plants to ensure that no bug infests your produce.

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