Because we careless, untested and unapproved vaccines, will vaccinate your kids 

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A fresh-faced consultant was I, in my first consultant post, for which review of overnight admissions was my undertaking. As expected the registrar guided proceedings, overtly cocky and competent in equal measure, but nonetheless thirst concurrence of diagnoses. And that it was bar one, for a young lady prostrated with an abdominal malady, was recommended for a pregnancy test. Indeed, most embraced the rationale, for rocket science it wasn’t, except the Ward-Sister and patient.

The patient, understandably of an anxious predisposition, surely exacerbated by the presence of her girlfriend, who did reciprocate our salutations. The Ward-Sister a relic of the past, was insistent that I reverse my decision for which I listened, but immediately lagged, for psychoanalysed I did, arriving at the conclusion that a White consultant’s decision would’ve gone unquestioned.

Then the result reached our eyes, in which the garrulous became speechless. The lesbian was more pregnant than the Virgin Mary, albeit unlikely of the Holy Spirit, speaking to this point-NEVER ASSUME IN MEDICINE.

Because we careless  


Thereupon, the clarity we yearned was satiated by PPP frequent relapses of Foot in Mouth Disease, evidencing the diagnosis of the debilitating ailment, Acquired Intellectuality Deficiency Syndrome. And predictably, prominence was projected from the luminous symptomatology of Dr. Anthony, who under the Covid microscope, reflected pathognomonic features of the intellectuality limiting infirmity. Predictably, having endured the ignominy of multiple public whippings stemming from PPP twice the price vaccine scandal, Dr. Anthony at the outset sought atonement with the stupefying announcement of PPP sourcing COVID vaccines, for ages 12 to 18yrs. But having knowledge of his predilection, a thorough assessment was undertaken, reassuring that foot was closer to floor than mouth.

Undoubtedly, this interim assessment had No-Confidence Frank over the moon, such that subsequent Parliamentary yoga sessions were mandated televised. Predictably, large pantomime curious viewership led to silly mistakes of foot approximating mouth, when reporting on 1500 children with Covid. Nonetheless intrigued, I did arrest breaths, pleading with the cough and cold specialist to elaborate. But even with cyanosis overpowering lips and digits, as hypoxic seizures of the grand-mal variant rendered soma tonic-clonic, No-Confidence Frank kept his elaborations close to his chest and my questions questioned;

How many hospitalised?  

How many died?  

For most frustrating to us rationals, the alluded to 1500 infection figure, is as useless as Jagdeo’s honorary doctorate, for the common cold visits millions, yet vaccines never enter arms. And this’s the rationale, vaccination determinants are of morbidity and mortality.

Then apparently unbeknownst to PPP, the mRNA and J&J vaccines were children tested and approved, leaving No-Confidence Frank sleeping in cognitive darkness, as he stood at the Parliament podium comically displaying a new forehead tattoo, ASSUME. Admittedly, many were gobsmacked but thankfully clarity was gifted when he announced PPP, seeking Oxford-AstraZeneca, Sputnik-V and Sinopharm vaccines for ages 12-18yrs, has launched their vaccine World-tour, “BECAUSE WE CARELESS,”

And certainly careless, for brainlessly assuming that vaccines vaccinated adults hence can vaccinate children. And of unchecked assumptions, they further assumed- Physiology of children, critical for medicines metabolism, equates physiology of adults. And for assuming, Dr. Anthony was gagging on his foot, triggering laryngospasm with yet another breakthrough Foot in Mouth disease.

Clinical trial  

But medicine must circumvent assumptions, for the stakes are too high, not to await clinical trials of diverse participants. Old. Young. Children. Blacks. Whites. Asians.

Indeed, pause we must, for clinical trials of three phases, must be revisited;

Phase-I trials: Designed to test vaccine safety, dosing and immune response.

Phase-II trials: Expand on the safety profile and the immune response, in larger numbers of participants.

Phase-III trials: Establish efficacy in preventing a disease eg Covid.

Verily, in the context of Covid, where the initial trials didn’t count children, their unique clinical trials are the only path to approval. But unlike adults, children of developing and vulnerable physiology, are of reduced numbered trials and reduced numbered children per trial. Most certainly, this tethering is down to ethical constraints allied with the ethical hurdles of administering medicines to healthy children. On conclusion, the data obtained is bridged with the adults to inform conclusions.

But surely the mRNA vaccines trials stand testimony to the dangers of PPP assumptions. For two serious but rare complications of inflamed heart and nerves in their trial participants, were revealed. Indeed this highlights the dangers of untested Sinopharm, Sputnik-V and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccination on our children, for unknown dangerous complications await them. And for this reason, I would strongly advise parents to withhold consent for these PPP untested vaccines.

Can vaccinating our children be justified? 

Indeed, medicine is evidence based but with the evidence hidden by PPP, conclusions were extrapolated from International data.

In a systematic review of 7480 children <18 years of age with laboratory-confirmed COVID infection;

15% of cases were asymptomatic- 225 children from our 1500.

81% mild-moderate symptoms- 1210 children from our data.

2% severe symptoms- 30 children from our data.

0.7% critical- 10 children from our data

0.08% deaths- one child from our data.

Further, in pooled analysis from seven countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States), Covid-related death in children and adolescents was rare. For ages 0-19 years, Covid death was 0.17 per 100,000 as of February 2021. And the conclusion is unambiguous, children live rather than die Covid which begs the question, if it isn’t broken why try fixing it?

Can PPP justify vaccinating our children? 

But alluded to prior, children rarely die or become seriously ill from Covid, hence vaccination with untested isn’t justifiable. In fact, a child is 18 times more likely to die from drowning than from Covid. But most critically, breakthrough variant infections affecting all Covid vaccines render herd immunity unattainable. As a result, the new aim of vaccination is to minimise severe infections, which don’t afflict children. Therefore, with PPP proposition unsupported by science, vaccination with unapproved untested vaccines could be potentially deadly.

But is there an argument for vaccination with approved vaccines? For the answer resides in the rationale for vaccination, vis-a-vis to minimise mortality and morbidity. Undoubtedly, both these endpoints are already at a minimum hence vaccination would only be of risk, exposing our children to potential harm. But America is vaccinating children! Absolutely true but they’re using approved vaccines which they have in abundance. In fact, their policy isn’t supported by WHO.

Why is PPP vaccinating our children? 

Articulated ad nauseam, vaccination for PPP is of numbers not outcome. And with their adult vaccination programme being an abysmal failure, desperate are they to identify new numbers for their numbers game. And this they find in our children even as they reduced them to vaccine experimental guinea pigs. And almost certainly, a no vaccine no school policy will force compliance. But with PPP cognitive processes burdened by Acquired Intellectuality Deficiency Syndrome, oblivious they’re that severe Covid variant of adult predilection, cannot be ameliorated with vaccination of ages 12-18yrs. For the solution transparent to us in mitigating this pervasive vaccine fear, is collaborative adult mass vaccination with WHO approved vaccines. And this we’ve long recognised, except the PPP halfwits, for whom foot asphyxiation must be further endured until the dangers of repeatedly putting their foot in their mouths, is appreciated.

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