Ask the ordinary APNU/AFC supporters who is responsible for them being in Opposition and they will tell you emphatically David Granger

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Dear Editor

Ask the ordinary APNU/AFC supporters who is responsible for them being in Opposition and they will tell you emphatically David Granger

In response to a letter by Andre Belgrave to Stabroek News dated 23rd July 2021.

I will be as direct as I possibly can in my response to the said letter.


Mr. Belgrave states the following:

There are attempts by some members of the PNCR to tarnish the character of David Granger and to oust him.

That the attack on David Granger has nothing to do with poor leadership but his stance against those who assisted in leading him down a dangerous path during the 2020 Elections. The attacks on his style of leadership began way before August 2020 just ask the Coalition Partners AFC and WPA

Volda Lawrence and Basil Williams were unable to manage the campaign in Region 4 and this led the PPP to closing the gap and those in charge of Region 4 must take responsibility.

David Granger was lied to during the declaration process and that he was told the Coalition won the elections.

Ms. Lawrence and her team tried to cover up their Region 4 failure while suggesting to Mr. Granger that the Coalition won the elections.

Ms. Lawrence hurriedly signed what appeared to be a doctored tabulation/declaration of Region 4 and couldn’t produce her parties SOPs.

Granger signed off on recount order in an unusual manner and against the wishes of those challenging him now. No one in the APNU/AFC knew David Granger agreed to a recount.

Granger had developed trust issues with many in his rank this led to many being sidelined. Joesph Harmon was Co-Campaign Manager along with Raphael Trotman. Both gentlemen are in Parliament however.

Why no one opposed Granger for second term.

Granger’s resistance to some diabolical plan is the reason for the attack on his leadership and character.

Ms. Lawrence and her team misled their supporters about winning the elections and then laid the loss and Granger’s feet.

In response to POINTS 1and 2

David Granger during the course of the 2020 elections held the following posts:

President and Commander in Chief

Leader of APNU/AFC

Chairman of APNU

Leader of the PNCR

Campaign Director APNU/AFC

As the leader the buck stops with him. His character was impugned not by his supporters but by the entire world. On June 7th of 2020 in the Kaieteur News Former Barbadian Ambassador to the United States said:

“Numerous opportunities have been given to the President of Guyana David Granger to come clean and while he gives the impression that he supports free and fair elections, his actions do not. Indeed he is being described in Caribbean circles as a “Sanctimonious Gangster”. Granger as Campaign Director controlled the campaign. His immediate assistants were Joseph Harmon and Raphael Trotman. The decision to declare APNU/AFC the winner by David Granger had nothing to do with Volda Lawrence and her team but with Granger himself. In a Reuters article dated Thursday March 5th 2020 the headline boldly pronounces GUYANA’S GRANGER CLAIMS VICTORY AS US AND EU QUESTION VOTE RESULTS. How did Granger arrive at these results did he consult with the top brass at his campaign headquarters, did he consult with the top brass at GECOM Headquarters. David Granger must answer those questions.

In the early aftermath of the 2020 Elections there were allegations of Region 4 tabulations being altered. The joint statement of the heads of the four diplomatic missions US UK CAN and EU stated “Based on our observation of today’s proceedings at their Region 4 office and the fact that the full count was not completed, we question the credibility of the Region 4 results. Even Granger’s son in law Dominic Gaskin questioned the results; yet amidst all this GRANGER CELEBRATES. The very Reuters article says:

“In the face of the criticism Granger gave celebratory statements to a rally of supporters on Thursday. We are here to serve you for the next five years he said I thank you from the bottom of my heart. When the sun rises the President is sworn in”.

Granger as Campaign Director handled the elections poorly. He did not marshal his troops, he did not ensure that there were enough boots on the ground and in the places of poll country wide, he did not display the degree of militancy required to keep the PPPC at bay, he did not ensure adequate provisions were allocated to the various electoral districts. With all the resources at his disposal as leader of the ruling party nothing was done to counter the PPPC’s Election Day maneuvers. Does Mr. Belgrave expect us to reward such mediocrity by placing confidence in Mr. Granger once again?


Mr. Belgrave a complete unknown in PNC and coalition ranks seems to have an unnatural fixation with Volda Lawrence, in his defence of David Granger and exposes his lack of knowledge of the Campaign Structure of the APNU/AFC. I would not enlighten him but allow him to wallow in his ignorance. Suffice it to say however, Volda Lawrence’s sole responsibility was Georgetown and Georgetown performed well there were little to no issues within its fifteen constituencies. It must be said for the public record that David Granger whilst he was President never visited a single Constituency in Georgetown. Sophia Albouystown Tiger Bay South Ruimveldt West Ruimveldt North Ruimveldt East Ruimveldt, La Penitence ,Agricola, Albertown, Kitty/Campbelville/Subryanville, Lodge/Wortmanville has never seen the face of President David Granger. Why did he turn his back on them? I am sure had he campaigned over the course of his Presidency in his strongholds the results would have been much better.

POINTS 4 and 5

Mr. Belgrave makes a dangerous allegation that David Granger was lied to by Volda Lawrence and that she and her team tried to cover up their failure in Region 4 by suggesting to Granger that they had won. Volda Lawrence was not responsible for delivering any result or results to David Granger. Further the APNU/AFC performance saw dips in Regions 1, 2, 3, 6, 9 if my memory serves me correctly. The Campaign Director David Granger could never say he got a single election result from Volda Lawrence whether it be Regionally or by District.


Here again is the unnatural fixation with Volda Lawrence. For the education of the nation it is GECOM who prepares the Declaration Form. It is GECOM who requests of an Election Agent from a political party to sign same. It is the Campaign Director or Manager or designates who will sign the said form. Volda Lawrence can only sign same on the instruction of her superiors. Again for the record it was David Granger who appointed Volda Lawrence as an Election Agent to GECOM.

Mr. Belgrave is being mischievous when he states that she couldn’t produce her party’s SOPS. There are 10 Regions but Region 4 is sub divided into 3 parts. Volda Lawrence is responsible for one of those parts namely Georgetown. How then can Mr. Belgrave or any right thinking person place the burden of producing SOPs on Volda Lawrence. Further I wish to place in the public domain that there was absolutely NO ALLEGATION OF IMPROPRIETY WITH REGARDS TO GEORGETOWN.


The fact of the matter is that Granger signed the Recount Order to the surprise of the entire APNU/AFC. No one knew of the Recount Order hence to say he signed against the wishes is simply madness. Granger if he wishes could come clean on who advised him and you can be sure it would not have been Lawrence.


If Granger developed trust issues of those around him and therefore sidelined them by what logic then is Joesph Harmon and Raphael Trotman in the National Assembly. These were his Co-Managers falling immediately beneath him. I’m not saying that they do not deserve to be in the National Assembly but if we accept Mr. Belgrave’s premise of lack of trust then the first two persons to be sidelined would have been Harmon and Trotman.


Granger was not opposed for a second term simply because he was the President and to find a new candidate would have not only caused a great degree of confusion but also could have led to negative reaction by the population who were not in the loop with his internal misgivings. It is already in the public domain that the WPA complained about the leadership style of David Granger the AFC also complained about the leadership style of Granger and at one time Harmon to the point they sought to neuter his powers.

POINTS 10 and 11

I think the case is already made that there was no diabolical plan by Volda Lawrence. I believe the issue Granger has with Lawrence is her candor and “tell it like it is style” she is known for calling you out and calling it like it is and for persons who may have an aversion to being confronted with the truth there will be fractures in their engagements.

In conclusion Volda Lawrence was not in control of the APNU/AFC machinery and further she doesn’t have to lay the blame at his feet, simply ask the ordinary APNU/AFC supporter who is responsible for them being in Opposition and they will tell you emphatically DAVID GRANGER.

James A Bond

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